Tiananmen Square

  • Event: June Fourth: The Tiananmen Protests and Beijing Massacre of 1989 (June 1, 2021)

    Jeremy Brown’s June Fourth takes a historical approach to the events of 1989 in China, arguing that the Beijing massacre was neither necessary nor inevitable, and tracing alternative paths that could have led to different outcomes. He addresses the National History Center's Washington History Seminar on June 1. 

  • Remembering and Forgetting Repression in China

    by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

    Each year, Hong Kong gatherings honor the memory of the students, workers, and bystanders slain near Tiananmen Square. And each year, on the mainland, the anniversary is dutifully ignored.

  • In China this is a crime ...

    … Sharing liquor bottles online that look like the famous image of a man standing defiantly in front of a line of tanks near Tiananmen Square.