Haitian Revolution

  • Overturning Five Myths of the Haitian Revolution

    by Julia Gaffield

    Many understandings of the Haitian Revolution, from its intellectual and political roots, to its military progress, to its political consequences, are at best half-truths. And it did not entail "white genocide." 

  • Burning It All Down

    by L.D. Burnett

    Louis Trouillot's commentary on historiography and the slippage between history as fact and history as narrative shows how academic gatekeepers who resist revisionist challenges to their fields play into the hands of bad faith actors who would prefer to silence historians entirely. 

  • The United States Owes Haiti a Debt it Can't Repay

    by Annette Gordon-Reed

    The Haitian Revolution set in motion events that transformed France, North America, and the Caribbean, but conflicts were invariably resolved at the expense of independent Haiti.