academic freedom

  • Inside DeSantis's Efforts to Reshape Florida Universities

    Many conservative politicians have attacked universities to win votes. But close observers of higher ed in Florida say Governor Ron DeSantis is making real and consequential institutional changes that may establish more political control over colleges in the state. 

  • Sasse Visit to U of Florida Dogged by Protests

    Sasse was cagey about his thoughts on legislation like Florida's "Stop WOKE" act and suggested he would be vigilant against "indoctrination" in the classroom. Faculty questioned his commitment to tenure and student protesters decried what they saw as a partisan political appointment. 

  • Why Conservatives Have Turned Against Academic Freedom Again

    by John K. Wilson

    The legacies of William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan suggest that the right demands freedom for its own perspective that it actively seeks to deny to radical critics of capitalism, religion, and conservatism. 

  • The Academic Freedom Crisis at the University of Florida

    An investigation documents the way that academic freedom has been subordinated to the presumed interests of the State of Florida (as aggressively determined by the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis). 

  • I was Fired for Asking My Students to Wear Masks

    by Michael Phillips

    Sometimes academic freedom is about the ability of professors to advocate on behalf of the campus community's health against administrators who prefer silence as a matter of political expediency.