• David Brooks: My Conservatism is Dead

    Is today's conspiratorial and ethnonationalist conservatism a break from the Burkean roots of the movement and its highest ideals? David Brooks says it is. What happens next? 

  • Extremism Didn't Begin with Trump, and Won't End with Him Either

    by Joseph Lowndes

    Pat Buchanan never succeeded in winning the Republican nomination, but he did as much as anyone to shape the politics of grievance and the image of beseiged white America that drives the party's base today. 

  • Religious Militancy Overseas and Its Messages at Home

    "Recognizing jihad as a diverse and historically evolving practice makes it possible to cast aside the biggest misconception in the West, namely that it is an instantiation of medieval barbarism left over from less enlightened times."

  • The Republican Retreat From Governance

    Dartmouth history professor Bethany Moreton argues that the GOP focus on social issues (and embrace by some of QAnon) isn't divorced from economic policy, but reflects the political decision to forego any social provision for child care and health. 

  • Can the Republican Party be Saved?

    Geoffrey Kabaservice is the author of "Rule and Ruin," a history of the Republican Party since 1950. He discusses the party's turn toward right-wing radicalism with Vox's Sean Illing. 

  • Kansas Newspaper Equates Mask Mandate With Holocaust, Drawing Fire

    Rabbi Moti Rieber, executive director of Kansas Interfaith Action, said most if not all comparisons of current political events to the Holocaust are “odious” and said it’s “incoherent” to equate an action designed to save lives with mass murder. 

  • Four Years Embedded with the Alt-Right

    Documentarian Daniel Lombroso followed several prominent white nationalist media figures for his documentary film White Noise, which will screen on June 20 through AFI.