• The Biggest Threat to America's Stability is the Class Divide

    by Kim Phillips-Fein

    We mistakenly bemoan "polarization" instead of reckoning with the economic power of radical right-wing elites, who have the resources to fund growing organizations, and the growing number of people disaffected from the social order who are susceptible to their messages. 

  • Can Americans Understand the Divisions in Latino Politics?

    by Geraldo Cadava

    Despite the lip service both parties pay to welcoming (and deserving) the growing Latino vote, do their non-Latino leaders actually understand the complexities of this large demographic category? Do they want to? 

  • Barbara Ehrenreich Challenged Readers to Examine Themselves

    by Gabriel Winant

    The journalist and social theorist wrote to force her readers to examine their own positions in society's hierarchies, not to encourage cynicism of futility, but to encourage them to see change as a long haul. 

  • Backlash Forever (Review Essay)

    by Gabriel Winant

    Historian Gabriel Winant reviews two recent books about the past and present of reactionary white working class politics and considers whether this tendency can be overcome. 

  • ‘Despised’ Review: The Left and the Working Class

    by Jonathan Rose

    Historian Jonathan Rose reviews a book by British firefighter and "left conservative" Paul Embery which identifies the collapse of both working class communities and open debate in Britain as factors in the demise of Labour as a political force. 

  • A More Perfect Meritocracy

    by Agnes Callard

    Two new books take aim at the moral failures of meritocracy. But we can advocate for a more just society without giving up on merit.

  • Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice

    by Michael J. Sandel

    Joe Biden has a secret weapon in his bid for the presidency: He is the first Democratic nominee in 36 years without a degree from an Ivy League university. His campaign may test the pervasive belief that elite academic credentials are a necessity to govern.

  • Steve Fraser: On writing personally about class in America

    by Steve Fraser

    "If class is embedded, often undetected, in the marrow of the national experience, then it should show up in the everyday lives of ordinary people as well. I am an ordinary person and I show up in my own book, in every chapter."