• Colombia’s conflict spills over to museum of memory

    “What’s at stake is potentially losing the opportunity for the museum to be another instrument through which to build peace in Colombia,” said Rafael Tamayo, an academic who until recently served as the museum’s leader.

  • Banana Officials Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Colombia

    Banana executives with Chiquita Brands now the subject of a major criminal investigation in Colombia were instrumental in the development and execution of company policies surrounding secret payments to Colombian guerrilla and paramilitary groups

  • Colombia's former president linked to Medellín drug cartel

    A Colombian senator told the U.S. Embassy in 1993 that the founders of the Medellín drug cartel “financed” the election campaign of then-senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez, according to documents posted by the National Security Archive.

  • Ending Colombia’s 100-Year War

    by Greg Grandin

    Peace talks, nudged along by Cuba and the Vatican, might finally bring an end to the hemisphere’s longest-running civil war.