Advanced Placement

  • Advanced Placement is Failing Students By Incentivizing Teaching-to-the-Test

    by Annie Abrams

    Initially rooted in an effort to coordinate the curricula of a handful of elite prep schools and Ivy League colleges, the Advanced Placement program has gradually shifted from skepticism of mass testing to resemble a test-prep program disguised as curriculum. 

  • AP History survives funding cut in Oklahoma. Here's why.

    Responding to uproar, a conservative Oklahoma lawmaker backs off bill to curb funding for AP history that he says downplays American 'exceptionalism.' The bill 'was very poorly worded,' he said.

  • Conservatives complaining that AP test reflects left-wing bias

    By providing a detailed course of study that defines, discusses, and interprets “the required knowledge of each period,” the College Board has in effect supplanted local and state curriculum by unilaterally assuming the authority to prioritize historic topics.