African American history

  • Reparations – Has the Time Finally Come?

    ACLU Senior Policy Analyst Nkechi Taifa discusses the history of the movement for African American reparations and how it has moved from the radical fringe to mainstream debate.

  • The Overlooked Black History of Memorial Day

    by Olivia B. Waxman

    The role of African Americans in creating a day of tribute to the Union Army has been obscured by pro-Confederate narratives of national reconcilation after the overthrow of Reconstruction.

  • Ida Taught Me

    by Koritha Mitchell

    As the United States seems determined to repeat the horrors of the last turn of the century, I remain grateful for Wells’s example. Here is just some of what she taught me.

  • Columbus Historian Hits Streets in Search of African American Stories

    Rita Fuller-Yates earned a bachelor's degree in history and worked in corporate America and as a lifestyle columnist. But now she's a fierce avocate for memorializing one of Ohio's black leaders (and the history of African Americans in Columbus) on the grounds of the Statehouse.

  • We Must Not Forget The Jackson State Massacre

    by Robert Luckett

    The killings at Jackson State in 1970 should be a reminder that state-sanctioned violence aimed at the marginalized remains a systemic part of American life.