• Maine Radio Station Apologies for Distorted Edit of King Speech

    The paper had for years run an abridged version of 1963 speech to the March on Washington—which excluded King's discussions of systemic racism and race-targeted remedies for discrimination—but faced intense criticism this year from readers concerned with the politicization of history. 

  • The Radical MLK and a Usable Past

    by Robert Greene II

    "Above all, King’s “usable past” was part of a long tradition of Black Americans claiming a place for themselves in the larger tapestry of American history and memory."

  • Honoring Dr. King's Other, More Challenging Dream, 55 Years Later

    King's famous Riverside Church speech on April 4, 1967 marked the leader's decisive opposition to the war in Vietnam and reflected his moral clarity and willingness to take unpopular positions in the pursuit of justice by calling out racism, capitalism and militarism as three intertwined evils. 

  • Equal Opportunity is Not Enough

    by Elizabeth M. Smith-Pryor

    The myth of America as an equal opportunity society has historically allowed white Americans to hold out equality as a promise redeemable in the future but rarely available in the present.