• Alice Walker: In Her Own Words

    by Robert Cohen

    By reading a recent poem she wrote we can make a fuller assessment of the charge that she's anti-Semitic. 

  • Alice Walker's Not Guilty of Antisemitism

    by Robert Cohen

    As a student at Spelman, at risk to herself, she rose to the defense of the Jewish historian Howard Zinn. She remains proud of that defense to this day. 

  • America’s Forgotten Pogroms

    by David Greenberg

    In the 1940s, a right-wing group terrorized Jewish communities in Boston and New York while authorities looked the other way. Could it happen again?

  • Reigns of Terror in America

    by Jill Lepore

    From a 1958 synagogue bombing in Atlanta to the events of recent weeks, the bloody-mindedness of broken men can be countered only by principle and fortitude.

  • And Now – Pittsburgh

    by Ed Simon

    "I feel completely entitled to examine the poisonous fruit of our current political culture."