Atlantic Slave Trade

  • Dutch Government Announces Study of Slavery Apology Fund

    While other European nations have made payments in atonement for massacres in their overseas colonial possessions, this initiative would be the first effort at reparations for participation in the transatlantic slave trade itself. 

  • Biographies of Women and Emancipation in the Americas

    by Vanessa M. Holden

    Historian Vanessa Holden reviews a new book edited by Erica L. Ball, Tatiana Seijas and Terri L. Snyder which draws on the stories of women of African descent in the Americas to argue that such women helped bring freedom into being and defined what freedom in the world actually means. 

  • Atlantic Slavery: An Eternal War (Review)

    by Julia Gaffield

    Historian of Haiti Julia Gaffield reviews two new books examining the Atlantic Slave Trade through the lenses of war against slave rebellion and disease. 

  • How Saidiya Hartman Retells the History of Black Life

    The literary scholar Saidiya Hartman's studies of the aftermath of slavery and the African diaspora point to the limits of archival records for understanding historical Black experience. Some historians question whether her methods fill archival gaps too creatively.

  • Black Scuba Divers Document Slave Shipwrecks Forgotten For Generations

    Columbia University professor Christopher Brown says the number of slave shipwrecks that researchers have been able to confirm are the absolute minimum, and that the true number of shipwrecked slave ships are likely much higher. The work of a Florida diving group hopes to change that. 

  • A Forgotten Stage of the Atlantic Slave Trade

    by Gregory E. O’Malley

    Port records, merchant papers, and imperial correspondence all suggest that a thriving intercolonial slave trade dispersed as many as a quarter of the African people who arrived in the New World, extending their dangerous journeys to American plantations.