• Justus Rosenberg, Beloved Professor With a Heroic Past, Dies at 100

    Bard literature professor Justus Rosenberg helped artists and intellectuals free Vichy France, fought in the French Resistance, and aided the allied armies' march across Europe before emigrating to the United States and beginning a long academic career. 

  • Hidden Stories of Jewish Resistance in Poland

    by Judy Batalion

    I was fascinated by the widespread resistance efforts of Polish Jews, but equally by their absence from current understandings of the war. Of all the legions of Holocaust tales, what had happened to this one?

  • How Two French Introverts Quietly Fought the Nazis

    by Jeffrey H. Jackson

    Two introverted French Lesbian artists conducted a campaign of subversion against the Nazis occupying the Island of Jersey that a trial judge called "more dangerous than soldiers." A new book explains how.

  • Resistance Means More Than Voting

    by Garry Wills

    Obama is wrong to suggest that voting and only voting is the way to express one’s opposition to a tyrant like Trump.