Puerto Rico

  • Race, Violence, and Resistance in Puerto Rico (Review)

    by Don S. Polite, Jr.

    A review of Marisol LeBrón's "Policing Life and Death" which connects the turn to austerity governance in Puerto Rico with increasingly punitive and racially discriminatory policing practices. 

  • Puerto Rico earthquakes imperil island’s indigenous heritage

    by Jorge L. Chinea

    Many indigenous ruins lie along the shore, where ancient settlements thrived. A relatively new wave of researchers are only beginning to explore these endangered places, rediscovering the ancient relics, statues, stone engravings and paintings created and used by the Taíno people.

  • Are Puerto Ricans White?

    by Jonathan Harrison

    That’s what Tucker Carlson claimed when defending Trump from charges he neglected the island because he’s racist. Here’s the backstory.

  • Are Puerto Ricans really American citizens?

    by Charles R. Venator-Santiago

    In a recent poll, 41 percent of respondents said they did not believe that Puerto Ricans were U.S. citizens, and 15 percent were not sure.

  • American colonialism persists in Puerto Rico

    by Margaret Power

    In a letter to the editor, historian Margaret Power complains that the Chicago Tribune missed a chance to explain Puerto Rico’s status.