World War 2

  • The Forgotten Story of the "Red Ball Express"

    by Matthew Delmont

    "From August through November 1944, 23,000 American truck drivers and cargo loaders – 70% of whom were Black – moved more than 400,000 tons of ammunition, gasoline, medical supplies and rations to battlefronts in France, Belgium and Germany."

  • The History of the Holocaust Site Recently Struck by a Russian Missile

    by Jeffrey Veidlinger

    The memorialization of the Nazi killing field at Babi Yar near Kyiv has long been entangled with the competing versions of history favored by communists, Ukrainian and Russian nationalists, and the descendants of Jews, Roma, and other victims of wartime massacres. 

  • Was Forgetting the Holocaust a Pillar of West German Rebuilding?

    Harald Jähner's book contents that the West German public's view of the nation's recent past grew darker as the years passed, but in the immediate aftermath of the war, a mood of adventurousness and liberation was widespread – at the cost of avoiding discussions of atrocity.

  • Art's Historical License in Netflix's "The Edge of War"

    by Yoav Tenembaum

    The recent Netflix film's treatment of the Munich Accords reads backwards from the outcomes of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy to argue, wrongly, that the Prime Minister's intent was to buy time for the British to rearm. 

  • Richard Tregaskis Reported from "The Road to Tokyo"

    by Ray E. Boomhower

    War reporter Richard Tregaskis followed the success of "Guadalcanal Diary" with "The Road To Tokyo," embedded with the crew of the USS Ticonderoga and even riding on a bombing mission against the Japanese Kure Naval Arsenal in June, 1945.

  • Remember, too, the Victims Nazis Singled Out for their Politics

    by Adam J. Sacks

    A German organization dedicated to the remembrance of left-wing victims of the Nazis has had its charitable status revoked. While the history of Nazism's persecution and murder of Jews and other groups is rightly commemorated, Nazism's violence against the political left has been obscured. 

  • Neville Chamberlain: Unsung Hero of WWII

    by Luke Reader

    A new Netflix film should prompt a reassessment of the legacy of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who arguably succeeded in saving Britain and the European opposition to Hitler through a two-pronged strategy that used appeasement to buy time for rearmament. 

  • Antisemitism is Toxic and Persistent. It's Not Inevitable

    by Ralph Seliger

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27) follows an armed hostage incident at a Texas synagogue. The author reflects on moments when societies have chosen to embrace or reject antisemitism at moments of crisis and concludes that while the risk to Jews today is real, it is not inevitable.

  • Lawrence Brooks, Oldest Surviving WWII Veteran, Dies at 112

    "Throughout his service in Australia, Brooks enjoyed a level of freedom he'd never experienced before, either in the military or at home. In interviews with the National World War II Museum, he marveled over that country's acceptance of Black soldiers, which were a marked contrast to the racist Jim Crow laws of the south at the time."