Textbook: Hippies worshipped Satan

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"Voucher schools in Louisiana and Indiana are using a “U.S. History” textbook in their eighth grade classes that teaches that the “hippies” of the 1960s were draft dodgers who were rude, didn’t bathe, and worshipped Satan." [Check out a photo of the section on Satanic hippies here.]

The offending hippie textbook, entitled "America: The Land I Love" and published by A Beka Books, a company affiliated with Pensacola Christian College, is only one of a number of textbooks produced by evangelical Christian publishers and used (at taxpayer expense) in voucher school programs in Louisiana (Gov. Bobby Jindal signed legislation last year which implemented one of the most ambitious voucher programs in the country).

These headlines summarize the content of the most popular textbooks (most of the examples below come from books published by Bob Jones University Press):

The Ku Klux Klan was a force for good

Majority of slaves in the old south were treated well

Dinosaurs and humans lived side by side

Fire-breathing dragons may actually have existed

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