UW-Madison Ph.D candidate has meltdown over required diversity training

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Andrea Johnson is the education writer for The Minot Daily News.

If Jason Morgan, a Ph.D candidate in history at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, had any dreams of becoming a tenured history professor at a state university, those dreams probably went up in smoke last week. On the bright side, he may well have a promising career at a conservative think tank or on some ultra-right Republican candidate's political campaign, though that's an awful lot of student loan money thrown down the rabbit hole to be a political hack.

Still, his conservative hissy fit, which can be found at http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/14698/, is one of the more entertaining burning of career bridges I have seen.

On Sept. 22, Morgan, irked by the diversity training seminar he and other teaching assistants were required to attend on Sept. 20, sent a letter of protest to the director of the graduate school. He thoughtfully forwarded the e-mail to several media outlets....

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