John Huppenthal, Head Of Arizona Schools, Refused To Criticize Founding Fathers For Owning Slaves

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John Huppenthal, superintendent of public instruction for the state of Arizona, has recently come under fire for a slew of bigoted online comments he made in 2010 and 2011 under assumed names. He made a tearful apology last week after being outed as the man behind the Internet commenters Falcon9 and Thucydides. As these personalities, Huppenthal called Obama a "slime," referred to welfare recipients as "lazy pigs" and advocated banning all Spanish-language media.

But blogger David Morales at Three Sonorans wants to remind you that Huppenthal has said reprehensible things publicly too.

In an interview Morales posted to YouTube back in 2010, Huppenthal declined to criticize the Founding Fathers for owning slaves, saying they were above reproach.

"Our Founding Fathers brought all the freedoms that have enabled all the prosperity that's created the culture that we have in America," Huppenthal says in the interview. The following exchange then takes place:

Morales: Even Jefferson, who owned slaves?

Huppenthal: Even Jefferson, who owned slaves.

Morales: How is that freedom?

Huppenthal: Well, he was the writer of the Declaration of Independence.

Morales: He also owned slaves, too.

Huppenthal: Well, there's no problem with that.

Morales: There's no problem with slaves?

Huppenthal does not directly answer the question.

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