Northwestern celebrates Garry Wills with a book in his honor

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Garry Wills is the polymathic public intellectual bemoaned as missing from American letters. A professor emeritus at Northwestern University, he has built upon his early studies in classics and patristics, while bringing his considerable intellect to bear on American culture, politics, and religion, notably through provocative articles and books on wars, past and present presidents, and the Catholic Church Wills has distinguished himself in the crowded field of Civil War history; fearlessly taken on the legacies of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, among other presidents; and offered a critical voice in many fraught ethical discussions, especially in the areas of war and peace. 

Nation and World, Church and God gathers original critical reflections by leading writers and scholars on Garry Wills’s life work. Organized around the themes of “Classics,” “Civil War,” “War and Peace,” and “Theology, Church, and the Arts,” the book reflects the cultural acumen, fine-grained political analysis, ethical candor, and theological wisdom of one of America’s most prolific writers. 

Contributors: Ward W. Briggs; Douglass Cassel; Bruce Cumings; Reginald Gibbons; Harold Holzer; Jane Levin; Martin E. Marty; Edward Muir; Ingrid Rowland; Sarah Elizabeth Ruden; Rosemary Radford Ruether; Beth M. Sheppard; Sam Tanenhaus; Kenneth L. Vaux; Sara Anson Vaux; Rudolph H. Weingartner; Douglas L. Wilson

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