“Hamilton,” Based on a Book, Is Becoming One Again

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s raucous hip-hop musical, “Hamilton,” sprang from an unlikely source: a dense, 818-page biography of Alexander Hamilton by the historian Ron Chernow. Mr. Miranda picked up the book​ as vacation reading before a trip to Mexico​, and soon a​fter tearing through the first chapter, he had the idea to adapt Hamilton’s life story into a musical.

Now, the play, which just opened on Broadway in previews after a critically lauded, sold-out, Off-Broadway run, will get its own life in print. Grand Central Publishing has acquired Mr. Miranda’s book ​“Hamilton,” which blends the history of Hamilton’s life with Mr. Miranda’s lyrics and annotations and behind-the scenes content from the show. The book will include photographs, interviews, essays and sidebars that explore how Mr. Miranda translated Hamilton’s life — from his tough childhood as an orphan to his military career and his role as the nation’s first Treasury secretary – into musical theater. Grand Central plans to publish the book in April 2016.

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