Excavation of Malcolm X Home Yields Link to Colonial Past

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An excavation on the site of Malcolm X’s boyhood Boston-area home has yielded historical links not to the civil rights activist’s past, but to older periods of history – which could include the Colonial era.

The two-week long dig, which started on March 29th of this year, was intended to explore the 2-and-a-half story home in order to uncover any additional information about the early life of the assassinated minister and activist, known as Malcolm Little during his formative years. The excavation was also meant to look for artifacts from the previous owners of the home, a family of Irish immigrants who occupied the property during the Great Depression.

However, the dig uncovered something completely unexpected, according to Joseph Bagley, an archaeologist for the city of Boston. Bagley told the Associated Press that a plot outside the home has yielded ceramics, kitchenware, and other telltale signs of the site being occupied as early as the eighteenth century.

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