1200 Historians and other scholars say they are alarmed by threats to civil liberties

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As scholars of United States history and related fields, we have experienced concern and alarm as we went from a divisive campaign season to the election of Donald Trump as our president-elect. On the eve of a new administration whose key players have traded in hateful rhetoric and emboldened the harassment of various targets, we urge Americans to be vigilant against a mass violation of civil rights and liberties that could result if such troubling developments continue unchecked. Looking back on World War II and the Cold War, we recognize how easily the rights of people have been suspended during times of great uncertainty. A key lesson of such ordeals has been to never again repeat these mistakes, and so we issue a call to recognize and act upon the critical links between historical knowledge, informed citizenship, and the protection of civil and human rights.

During World War II, in the wake of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. officials justified the imprisonment of 120,000 Japanese Americans--U.S. and foreign born, most of whom were U.S. citizens--with the argument of “military necessity.” In the ensuing early Cold War era, the McCarthyist “witch hunts,” House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) investigations, and registry of communists and their sympathizers destroyed the lives of countless teachers, artists, politicians, and others.

These historical persecutions have since been widely repudiated by scholars and elected leaders. For instance, the 1988 Civil Liberties Act signed by President Reagan and passed by a bipartisan Congress acknowledged internment as a mistake fueled by racism. It stated, “The internment of the individuals of Japanese ancestry was caused by racial prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.” The Cold War witch hunts associated with Joseph McCarthy were roundly denounced by Republicans and Democrats during the 1954 Army-McCarthy Senate hearings. Decades of research, debate, and analysis have brought historians to a consensus that episodes like internment and McCarthyism were misguided and immoral, and should never be repeated.

Internationally the United States has been engaged in a war on terror, and domestically the election made clear that we are in an ideological “culture war.” And while we find ourselves in a distinct moment compared to World War II and the Cold War, we are seeing the return of familiar calls against perceived enemies. Alarmingly, justifications for a Muslim registry have cited Japanese American imprisonment during World War II as a credible precedent, and the Professor Watchlist—which speciously identifies “un-patriotic professors”--is eerily similar to the communist registry of the McCarthy era. Looking back to history provides copious lessons on what is at stake when we allow hysteria and untruths to trample people’s rights. We know the consequences, and it is possible, with vigilance and a clear eye on history, to prevent tragedy before it is too late.

It is not just that we are at the cusp of what may be a massive rollback of civil rights and liberties, but our culture is also mired in confusion about facts vs. misinformation and a rebellion against knowledge and critical thinking. This makes our present moment doubly dangerous. Though we cannot know for certain what is ahead, we urge all Americans to enter the coming months with lessons of the past in mind, and to draw upon them to stand up for the protection of all people’s civil rights and liberties.

We sign this statement as individual scholars. Institutions are listed for identification purposes only.

Shana Bernstein Northwestern University
Shelley Lee Oberlin College
Kim Cary Warren University of Kansas

Susan Abram Western Carolina University
Martin Adamian California State University, Los Angeles
Gretchen A. Adams Texas Tech University
John Lewis Adams Bard High School Early College-Cleveland
Kevin Adams Kent State University
Cameron Addis Austin Community College
Paul Adler Harvard University
Peter-Christian Aigner The Graduate Center, CUNY
Naila Al Hasan University of Maryland, College Park
Jose M. Alamillo California State University Channel Islands
Crystal Alegria The Extreme History Project
Shawn Leigh Alexander University of Kansas
Keli Allen Historian
Henry Allen Jr Bunker Hill Community College
Yvonne Almore St. Louis University
Benjamin L. Alpers University of Oklahoma
Rebecca Amato New York University
Edith Ambrose Southeastern Louisiana University
Lisa Andersen The Juilliard School
David M. Anderson Louisiana Tech University
Electa Anderson El Toro High School
Karen Anderson University of Arizona
M. Christine Anderson Xavier University
Anne-Marie Angelo University of Sussex
Marcia Annisette York University , Toronto
Joyce Antler Brandeis University
Lauren Araiza Denison University
Heidi Ardizzone Saint Louis University
Michelle Armstrong-Partida University of Texas at El Paso
Stanley Keith Arnold Northern Illinois University
Silvia Arrom Brandeis University
Susan Youngblood Ashmore Oxford College of Emory University
Steven M. Avella Marquette University
Jonathon Derek Awtrey Louisiana State University
K. Kevyne Baar Independent Scholar
Matthew Babcock University of North Texas at Dallas
Matthew Backes Rutgers University
Aaron Bae Arizona State University
John Baesler Saginaw Valley State University
Beth Bailey University of Kansas
Tanya Bakhmetyeva University of Rochester
Kathleen Balgley Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (retired)
Shelby M. Balik Metropolitan State University of Denver
Sarah Ball Northwest Vista College
Frank Barajas California State University Channel Islands
Jenifer L. Barclay Washington State University
Matthew Barlow University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Laura Barraclough Yale University
Dawson Barrett Del Mar College
Kathryn Barrett-Gaines University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Eliza Young Barstow Oregon State University - Corvallis
Anne Clark Bartlett University of Washington Tacoma
Amy Bass The College of New Rochelle
Matthew Basso University of Utah
Ray Batchelor Texas A&M University, College Station
Jennifer Bates SUNY Stony Brook
Katie Batza University of Kansas
Jean Bauer Princeton University
Kabria Baumgartner The College of Wooster
Ashley Johnson Bavery Northwestern University
William Joseph Bean Kent State University at Kent
James Bearden SUNY Geneseo (emeritus)
Jim Beauchesne Bread & Roses Heritage Committee
Steven Beda University of Oregon
Brian D. Behnken Iowa State University
Justin Behrend SUNY Geneseo
Maziar Behrooz San Francisco State University
Elizabeth Belanger Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Kathleen Belew University of Chicago
Daniel Bender University of Toronto
Ira Lee Benjamins Independent Scholar
Gavin Benke Boston University
Evan P. Bennett Florida Atlantic University
Mandy Bennett Claremont Grauate University,
Martin J. Bennett Santa Rosa Junior College (emeritus)
Rhianna Bennett Georgia Southern University
Albert I. Berger University of North Dakota
Dan Berger University of Washington Bothell
Jane Berger Moravian College
William Bergmann Slippery Rock University
Carol Berkin CUNY
Aaron Berman Hampshire College
Iver Bernstein Washington University St. Louis
Stephen Berrey University of Michigan
Daina Ramey Berry University of Texas
Jennifer L. Bertolet The George Washington University
Jim Bertolini Public Historian
Daniel Bessner University of Washington
Barbara Betz The Ohio State University
Salonee Bhaman Yale University
Steven Biel Harvard University
Kenneth J. Bindas Kent State University
Donna Binkiewicz California State University, Long Beach
Martha Biondi Northwestern University
Elizabeth Bishop Texas State University - San Marcos
Peter Blackmer University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Deborah L. Blackwell Texas A&M International University
Darren Blaney University of Miami
Kent Blansett University of Nebraska at Omaha
John N. Blanton City College of New York, CUNY
Jessica Blatt Marymount Manhattan College
David W. Blight Yale University
Sharon Block University of California, Irvine
Ethan Blue University of Western Australia
Eladio B. Bobadilla Duke University
Charles C. Bolton University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Janet Bordelon Kehillah Jewish High School
Fergus M. Bordewich Independent Scholar
Eileen Boris University of California, Santa Barbara
Melissa Borja College of Staten Island, City University of New York
Daniel Borses Riverside City College
Heath Bowen St. Thomas Aquinas College
Kevin Bower Nebraska Wesleyan University
J. D. Bowers University of Missouri
John P. Bowes Eastern Kentucky University
Kevin Boyle Northwestern University
Mark Philip Bradley University of Chicago
Lisa M. Brady Boise State University
Susan Bragg Georgia Southwestern State University
Christopher Bram Gallatin School of New York University
Allyson P. Brantley University of La Verne
Tina Braxton Independent Historian and Activist
Sheila A. Brennan George Mason University
Sarah Bridger California Polytechnic State University
Jennifer Brier University of Illinois at Chicago
Stephen Brier CUNY Graduate Center
Laura Briggs University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Robert Brigham Vassar College
Matthew M. Briones University of Chicago
Nancy K. Bristow University of Puget Sound
Kelly Britt Fordham University
David Brodnax, Sr. Trinity Christian College
David Brody University of California, Davis
Charlotte Brooks Baruch College, CUNY
James F. Brooks UC Santa Barbara
Jennifer E. Brooks Auburn University
Pam Brooks Oberlin College
Joanne Brown Independent Scholar
Lauren Erin Brown Marymount Manhattan College
Nikki Brown University of New Orleans
Joan C. Browning Independent Scholar & Freedom Rider
Dann J. Broyld Central Connecticut State University
Joan Jacobs Brumberg Cornell University
David Brundage University of California, Santa Cruz
Erika Bsumek University of Texas at Austin
Nicholas Buccola Linfield College
Peter Bunten Historic Hudson Valley
Gretchen Burgess George Mason University
Adrian Burgos. Jr. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Flannery Burke Saint Louis University
Zoe Burkholder Montclair State University
Kristen D. Burton Louisiana Tech University
Mike Burton Santa Rosa Junior College
Daniela Busciglio University of Oklahoma
Melanie E.L. Bush Adelphi University
Edouard Bustin Boston University (emeritus)
Cara Caddoo Indiana University, Bloomington
Mara Caden Yale University
Susan K. Cahn University at Buffalo, SUNY
Kathleen A. Cairns Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Jane E. Calvert University of Kentucky
Albert M. Camarillo Stanford University
Jordan T. Camp Brown University
Mary Baine Campbell Brandeis University
Emmet Campos University of Texas at Austin
Margot Canaday Princeton University
Amy Canfield Lewis-Clark State College
Michael Cangemi Binghamton University
Elaine Carey St. John's University
Christopher Carmona University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Berenice Carroll Purdue University
Justin Carroll Indiana University East
James M. Carter Drew Iniversity
Julian Carter California College of the Arts
Tracey L. Carter Historian
Leo Casey Albert Shanker Institute
Sean Cashbaugh Independent Scholar
Robert Cassanello University of Central Florida
Rachael Cassidy University of New Mexico
Antonia Castaneda Professor of History (retired)
Pedro Castillo University of California, Santa Cruz
Robert F. Castro California State University, Fullerton
Peter Catapano CUNY New York City College of Technology
Kathryn Catlin Northwestern University
Derek Charles Catsam University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Julian C. Chambliss Rollins College
Alexandra Chan Monadnock Archaeological Consulting
Laura Renée Chandler South Dakota State University
Edmond Y. Chang University of Oregon
Gordon H. Chang Stanford University
Jason Oliver Chang University of Connecticut, Storrs
Kornel Chang Rutgers University-Newark
Joyce Chaplin Harvard University
Jessica Chapman Williams College
Marisa Chappell Oregon State University
Katherine Mellen Charron NC State University
Robert Chase Sonoma State University
Sheree Chase Historian
Philip Chassler University of Massachusetts Boston
Ernesto Chávez University of Texas at El Paso
Marisela Chávez California State University, Dominguez Hills
Miroslava Chavez-Garcia University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael Mark Chemers University of California, Santa Cruz
Anthony S. Chen Northwestern University
John Cheng Binghamton University
Robert Cherny San Francisco State University (emeritus)
Connie Chiang Bowdoin College
Leisl Carr Childers University of Northern Iowa
Michael Childers University of Northern Iowa
Catherine Ceniza Choy University of California, Berkeley
Samantha Christiansen Marywood University
Jonathan M. Chu University of Massachusetts Boston
Alexa Ilene Claremont History Teacher and Independent Scholar
Daniel Clark Oakland University
Elaine R. Cleeton State University of New York at Geneseo
Catherine Clinton University of Texas at San Antonio
Lori Clune California State University, Fresno
Genevieve Clutario Harvard University
Dustin Cohan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrew Wender Cohen Syracuse University
Julie Cohen California State Los Angeles
Lizabeth Cohen Harvard University
Miriam Cohen Vassar College
Deborah Cohn Indiana University Bloomington
Peter Cole Western Illinois University
Stephen Cole Norte Dame de Namur University
Arica L. Coleman Independent Scholar
Brian S. Collier University of Notre Dame
Bruce Conforth University of Michigan
Tula A Connell Independent Scholar
Catherine Conner North Carolina State University
Brian Connolly University of South Florida, Tampa
N. D. B. Connolly Johns Hopkins University
Joann Conrad Diablo Valley College
Patricia A. Cooper University of Kentucky (retired)
Raymond Cormier Longwood U (emeritus)
Mary Beth Corrigan Independent Scholar
Nathan Michael Corzine Coastal Carolina Community College
Boyd Cothran York University
Nancy F. Cott Harvard University
Cheryl Coulthard Texas A&M University
Matthew Countryman University of Michigan
Eric Covey Miami University, Oxford OH
Deborah Cowen University of Toronto
Mari N. Crabtree College of Charleston
Clive Craigen Moody Bible Institute-Chicago
Heather Curtis Tufts University
M. Melissa Daggett San Jacinto College
Elizabeth Dale University of Florida
Marcus Daniel University of Hawaii Manoa
Vicki Daniel University of Wisconsin-Madison
Leilah Danielson Northern Arizona University
Marsha J. Tyson Darling Adelphi University
Joshua Clark Davis University of Baltimore
Julie Davis University of Minnesota
Karen F. Dimanche Davis Marygrove College
Mike Davis Northwest Florida State College
Rebecca L. Davis University of Delaware
Jan C. Dawson Southwestern University (retired)
Melinda Luisa De Jesus California College of the Arts
Greta De Jong University of Nevada, Reno
Benji De La Piedra Independent Scholar
Autumn Quezada De Tavarez Roger Williams University
Arleen De Vera SUNY Cortland
David Deacon SUNY Oswego
Kristen Baldwin Deathridge Appalachian State University
Jean-Paul Deguzman UCLA
Richard Del Guidice SUNY Potsdam
Grace Peña Delgado University of California, Santa Cruz
Dawn A. Dennis California State University, Los Angeles
Coreen Derifield East Central College
Amy Derogatis Michigan State University
Anthony Destefanis Otterbein University
Sandra Mcgee Deutsch University of Texas at El Paso
Hasia R. Diner New York University
Steven J. Diner Rutgers University-Newark
Rachel Dobson University of Alabama
Adam H. Domby College of Charleston
Rachel Donaldson College of Charleston
Deidra Donmoyer Wesleyan College
John Donoghue Loyola University Chicago
Stephanie Gonzalez Doo California State University, Long Beach
Leslie Dossey Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Doughton College of the Holy Cross
Jim Downs Connecticut College
Omar Dphrepaulezz SUNY Oneonta
Jay Driskell Historian
Thomas Dublin SUNY Binghamton
Melvyn Dubofsky Binghamton University, SUNY (emeritus)
Sara Dubow Williams College
Mary L. Dudziak Emory University School of Law
Brianna E. Dunlap Independent Scholar
Kathleen Duval University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Erin Austin Dwyer Oakland University
Sarah Dziedzic Independent Scholar
Eileen M. Eagan University of Southern Maine
Jonathan Earle LSU
Alice Echols University of Southern California
Ashley Eddy Texas A&M University
Douglas Egerton Le Moyne College
Helen Diana Eidson Auburn University
Robin Einhorn University of California, Berkeley
Nazmeih El-Khatib Eastern Michigan University
Sarah Elkind San Diego State University
Blake Ellis Lone Star College-CyFair
Steve Ellwanger California State University, Bakersfield
Jari Eloranta Appalachian State University
Bette Elsden Independent Scholar
Carole Emberton University at Buffalo
Michael Emmons University of Delaware
Christopher Endy California State University, Los Angeles
Jeffrey A. Engel Southern Methodist University
Kate Carte Engel Southern Methodist University
Lewis A. Erenberg Loyola University Chicago
Herbert Ershkowitz Temple University (emeritus)
Keona K. Ervin University of Missouri-Columbia
Elizabeth Escobedo University of Denver
Steve Estes Sonoma State University
Melissa Estes Blair Auburn University
Christine Eubank Bergen Community College
Patricia Evridge Hill San Jose State University
Judith Ezekiel Wright State University
Joseph J. Fahey Catholic Scholars for Workers Justice
Jennifer Fang Oregon State University
David Farber University of Kansas
Patricia L. Farless University of Central Florida
Ashley Farmer Boston University
Jared Farmer Stony Brook University
Ken Faunce Washington State University, Pullman
Kate Fawver CSU Dominguez Hills
Frank E. Fee Jr. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (emeritus)
Kathleen Feeley University of Redlands
Ruth Feldstein Rutgers University-Newark
Rae Ferguson University of Rhode Island
Robert Hunt Ferguson Western Carolina University
Nancy Page Fernandez California State University Fullerton
Garrett R. Fesler James River Institute for Archaeology
Rosemary Feurer Northern Illinois University
Joey A. Fink High Point University
Leon Fink University of Illinois at Chicago
Mattie Fitch Tarleton State University
Monica D. Fitzgerald Saint Mary's College
Jon M. Flashnick Independent Historian
Lori Flores Stony Brook University
Neil Foley SMU
Joyce Follet Smith College
Kenneth Fones-Wolf West Virginia University
Fonna Forman University of California, San Diego
Lisa Forman Cody Claremont McKenna College
Miriam Forman-Brunell University of Missouri-Kansas City
Karlyn Forner Duke University
Robert Forrant University of Massachusetts Lowell
Jeffrey A. Fortin Emmanuel College
Leigh Fought Le Moyne College
Catherine Cymone Fourshey Bucknell University
Natalie Fousekis California State University, Fullerton
Samantha Francois California State University, East Bay
Andrew K. Frank Florida State University
Stephanie Frank Columbia College Chicago
Harry Franqui-Rivera Bloomfield College, New Jersey
Max Fraser Yale University
Nishani Frazier Miami University
Mary Frederickson Miami University of Ohio
Leif Fredrickson University of Virginia
Estelle Freedman Stanford University
David M. P. Freund University of Maryland, College Park
Sylvia Frey Tulane University (emeritus)
Andrea Friedman Washington University in St. Louis
Tami J. Friedman Brock University, St. Catharines, Ont., Canada
Jennifer Fronc University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kathleen Fry Washington State University
Shannon Frystak East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Erica Fugger Columbia University, Oral History
Laura Sachiko Fugikawa Smith College
Ian Funk University of Maryland
Donna R Gabaccia University of Toronto
Nancy Gabin Purdue University
Joseph M. Gabriel Florida State University
Laurie S. Gagne Independent Scholar
Julie Gallagher Penn State Brandywine
Marcia M. Gallo University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Shreena Niketa Gandhi Michigan State University
Barbara Gannon University of Central Florida
John Garcia Boston University
Maria Cristina Garcia Cornell University
Korey Garibaldi University of Notre Dame
Libby Garland Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Irene Garza Oberlin College & Conservatory
Rochelle Gatlin City College of San Francisco (retired)
Daniel Geary Trinity College Dublin
Lily Geismer Claremont McKenna College
C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa George Mason University
Donald Gerardi Brooklyn College (emeritus)
Daniel Gerling Augustana University
Jonathan Gienapp Stanford University
Judith Giesberg Villanova University
Timothy Gilfoyle Loyola University Chicago
James T. Gillam Spelman College (emeritus)
Sarah K. Gilleland Binghamton University
Robert Gioielli University of Cincinnati
Leah S. Glaser Central Conecticut State University
Hillary Gleason Laredo Community College
Susan A. Glenn University of Washington, Seattle
Lorri Glover Saint Louis University
Rebecca Anne Goetz New York University
David Goldberg Wayne State University
Alyosha Goldstein University of New Mexico
David Hamilton Golland Governors State University
Juan Gomez-Quinones University of California, Los Angeles
Rhonda Gonzales The University of Texas at San Antonio
Trinidad Gonzales South Texas College
Gilbert G. Gonzalez University of California, Irvine
Jerry Gonzalez University of Texas at San Antonio
Tiffany Gonzalez Texas A&M University
Sergio M. González University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carly Goodman ACLS Public Fellow
Greg Gordon Gonzaga University
Linda Gordon New York University
Michael A. Gordon University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (emeritus)
Wendy M. Gordon SUNY College at Plattsburgh
Dayo Gore University of California San Diego
Henry G. Gorman Vanderbilt University
Elliott Gorn Loyola University Chicago
Isaac Gottesman Iowa State University
Virginia Gould Tulane University
Joseph M. Gowaskie Rider University (emeritus)
Jessica Graham University of California, San Diego
Manuel Grajales Texas A&M University
Donna Graves Preserving California's Japantowns
Kristina Graves Independent Scholar
Laguana Gray University of Texas at San Antonio
Walter D. Greason Monmouth University
Hilary N. Green The University of Alabama
Michael Green UNLV
Alison Collis Greene Mississippi State University
Daniel Greene Northwestern University
Julie Greene University of Maryland at College Park
Mary C. Greenfield Historian
James N. Gregory University of Washington
Ronald J. Grele Columbia University
Zareena Grewal yale University
Willie J. Griffin The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ronnie Grinberg University of Oklahoma
Therese Grisham Oakton Community College
Joanna Grisinger Northwestern University
Ariela Gross University of Southern California
Rachel Guberman Indiana University-Bloomington
Catherine Gudis University of California at Riverside
Jennifer Guglielmo Smith College
Thomas A. Guglielmo George Washington University
Jennifer Guiliano Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Gayle Gullett Arizona State University
Matthew Pratt Guterl Brown University
Marta Gutman City University of New York
Lisbeth Haas University of California, Santa Cruz
Tim Hacsi University of Massachusetts Boston
Nancy L. Hagedorn SUNY Fredonia
Jonathan Hagel University of Kansas
Steven Hahn New York University
Jon N. Hale College of Charleston
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Orit Halpern Concordia university
Rick Halpern University of Toronto
Jesse Halvorsen University of California - Santa Barbara
Tikia K. Hamilton Princeton University, Instructor
Françoise N. Hamlin Brown University
Thomas D. Hamm Earlham College
John Craig Hammond Penn State University
Stacie Hanes Independant Scholar
Mark G. Hanna UC San Diego
Rachel Elizabeth Harding University of Colorado Denver
Luke Harlow University of Tennessee, Knoxville
David Harrington Watt Temple University
Dean Harris Central Oregon Community College
Robert L. Harris Jr. Cornell University
Alisa Harrison Historian
Janet Hart University of Michigan
Anthea M. Hartig California Historical Society
Jonathan H. Harwell Rollins College
Lawrence B.A. Hatter Washington State University
Amy M. Hay University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Joseph Heathcott The New School
Mary Ann Heiss Kent State University at Kent
Jeffrey Helgeson Texas State University
Lois Rita Helmbold UNLV (retired)
Robin Henry Wichita State University
Jason Heppler University of Nebraska at Omaha
Katherine A. Hermes Central Connecticut State University
Kelly Lytle Hernandez University of California, Los Angeles
Laura Hernandez Ehrisman St. Edward's University
Antonio Hernandez-Matos University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Campus
Christopher Hickman Tarleton State University
Mark D. Higbee Eastern Michigan University
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Harvard University
Andrew Highsmith University of California, Irvine
Jennifer Hildebrand SUNY Fredonia
Victoria C. Hill St. Edward's University
Reiko Hillyer Lewis and Clark College
Felipe Hinojosa Texas A&M University
Elizabeth Hinton Harvard University
Emily K. Hobson University of Nevada, Reno
Lillian Hoddeson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wesley Hogan Duke University
Kristin Hoganson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Petra Hokanson Independent historian
Todd Holmes University of California, Berkeley
Thomas C. Holt University of Chicago
Danielle Holtz University of Pennsylvania
Rona L. Holub Independent Scholar
Jane Holzka CUNY LaGuardia Community College
Ken Homan, Sjz Society of Jesus
Michael Honey University of Washington Tacoma
Jane Hong Occidental College
Bethany Hopkins Solano Community College
George W. Hopkins College of Charleston
Caley Horan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Horowitz Smith College (emeritus)
Helen L. Horowitz Smith College
David Hostetter Independent Scholar
Mazie Hough University of Maine
Vince Houghton International Spy Museum
Lynn Houlihan California State University East Bay
Frederick E. Hoxie University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Suellen Hoy University of Notre Dame
Madeline Hsu UT Austin
Alvaro Huerta California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Jennifer Hull Colgate University
Thomas J. Humphrey Cleveland State University
Tera W. Hunter Princeton University
David Huyssen University of York
Louis Hyman Cornell University
Patrick Iber University of Texas at El Paso
Daniel Immerwahr Northwestern University
Tammy Ingram College of Charleston and Yale University
Michael D. Innis-Jiménez University of Alabama
Mary Ann Irwin California State University, East Bay
Zach Isenhower Louisiana State University
Paul Israel Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Bill Issel San Francisco State University (emeritus)
Anya Jabour University of Montana
Lynette A. Jackson University of Illinois at Chicago
Thomas Jackson University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Robert Jacobs Hiroshima Peace Institute/Hiroshima City University
D.A. Jacobson Independent Scholar, Lecturer
Matthew Frye Jacobson Yale University
Sheyda Jahanbani University of Kansas
Eric F. James Historian & Author
Kenneth Janken University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Maryann Janosik Independent Historian
Volker Janssen California State University, Fullerton
Julie Roy Jeffrey Goucher College
Hasan Kwame Jeffries The Ohio State University
Katherine Jellison Ohio University at Athens
Elizabeth L. Jemison Clemson University
Einar Jensen Independent Scholar
Michael Jin University of Illinois at Chicago
Benjamin H. Johnson Loyola University Chicago
Joan Marie Johnson Northwestern University
Mary Ann Johnson Chicago Women's History Center
Michelle S. Johnson Independent Scholar
Val Marie Johnson Saint Mary's University
Walter Johnson Harvard University
Jennifer Dominique Jones University of Alabama
Jonathan Jones Binghamton University
Nancy Baker Jones Independent Scholar
Patrick D. Jones University of Nebraska
William Jones Independent Scholar
Cherisse Jones-Branch Arkansas State University
Frances Jones-Sneed Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Yevette Richards Jordan George Mason University
William S. Jordan, Iii University of Akron
Moon-Ho Jung University of Washington, Seattle
Mitch Kachun Western Michigan University
Andrew W. Kahrl University of Virginia
S. Deborah Kang California State University San Marcos
Daniel Katz Murphy Institute, City University of New York
Sherry Katz San Francisco State University
Polly Welts Kaufman University of Southern Maine
Gregory S. Kealey University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
Linda Kealey University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
Allan Keller Ohio State University-ATI
Kathleen Kennedy Missouri State University
Joshua Kercsmar Unity College
Christopher J. Kerns University of Colorado Boulder
Jennifer Kerns Portland State University
Barclay Key University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Denise Khor University of Massachusetts Boston
Jessie Kindig Columbia University
Farina King Northeastern State University
Nicole King University of Maryland Baltimore County
Shannon King The College of Wooster
Stewart King Clackamas Community College
Amy Kittelstrom Sonoma State University
Matthew Klingle Bowdoin College
James T. Kloppenberg Harvard University
Sarah Koenig Kalamazoo College
Lisa Kohlmeier La Sierra University
Shira Kohn Brooklyn College
Amy Kohout Colorado College
Jeffrey Kolnick Southwest Minnesota State University
Heather Miyano Kopelson University of Alabama
Nancy Koppelman The Evergreen State College
Clayton Koppes Oberlin College
Gary J. Kornblith Oberlin College
Gerard Koskovich Independent Scholar
Wendy Kozol Oberlin College
Michael Kramer Northwestern University
Paul A. Kramer Vanderbilt University
Rachel Kranson University of Pittsburgh
Max Krochmal Texas Christian University
William Kuby University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Kristy Kulski-Ingram Historian
Ethan J. Kytle California State University, Fresno
H. Peter L'Orange Idaho State Historic Preservation Office
Pamella R. Lach San Diego State University
Daniel Lachance Emory University
Tim Lacy Northwestern University & Independent Historian
Guy Lancaster Independent Scholar
Samantha Landau Showa Women's University
Michael Todd Landis Tarleton State University
Michele Landis Daubrt Stanford Law School
Tim Eldridge Landry Louisiana State University
Jennifer E. Langdon Creative-Egghead
Michael J. Lansing Augsburg College
Derek Larson The College of St. Benedict/St. John's University
Marjorie P. Lasky Diablo Valley College (emeritus)
Carol Lasser Oberlin College
Teishan Latner Philadelphia University
Chrissy Lau Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Aubrey Lauersdorf The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bruce Laurie Mass Amherst (emeritus)
Justin Law Independent Historian
Matthew Law Clark University
Mark Lawrence University of Texas at Austin
Steven F. Lawson Rutgers University
James Le Sueur University of Nebraska
Brant T. Lee University of Akron
Erica Lee University of California, Berkeley
Jacob Lee Indiana University, Bloomington
Philip Lee UDC David A. Clarke School of Law
Rhonda Mawhood Lee Independent Scholar
Robert Lee Brown University
Alison Lefkovitz New Jersey Institute of Technology
Christopher P. Lehman St. Cloud State University
Steve Leikin San Francisco State University
Jesse Lemisch` City University of New York
Adriane Lentz-Smith Duke University
Sharon M. Leon George Mason University
Justin Leroy University of California, Davis
Anne Lessy Yale University
Dan Letwin Penn State University
Lisa Levenstein University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Bruce Levine University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Susan Levine University of Illinois at Chicago
Jacob Leving American University
Peter Levy York College
Beth Lew-Williams Princeton University
Neil S. Lewis University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (emeritus)
Rita Liberti California State University East Bay
Alex Lichtenstein Indiana University, Bloomington
Nhi Lieu National Coalition of Independent Scholars
Leslie Lindenauer Western Connecticut State University
Jana Lipman Tulane University
Benjamin D. Lisle Colby College
Amanda Littauer Northern Illinois University
Ellen Litwicki State University of New York at Fredonia
Craig Loftin California State University, Fullerton
Timothy J. Lombardo University of South Alabama
Mark H. Long Sea Education Association
Sarah Long Michigan State University
Erik Loomis University of Rhode Island
Deborah Louis Eastern Kentucky University
Laura Lovett University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Malinda Maynor Lowery UNC-Chapel Hill
Caroline Luce University of California Los Angeles
Matthew Luckett California State University, Dominguez Hills
Robert Luckett Jackson State University
Jennifer Luff Durham University
John R. Lundberg Tarrant County College South
Tom Lux Pacific Northwest Labor History Association
Staughton Craig Lynd Independent Scholar
Denise Lynn University of Southern Indiana
Cherstin M. Lyon California State University, San Bernardino
Mary Lyons-Carmona University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dawn B. Mabalon San Francisco State University
Robert Macdougall Western University
Robert Macieski University of New Hampshire
Daryl Maeda University of Colorado Boulder
Laurie Maffly-Kipp Washington University in St. Louis
Karen W. Mahar Siena College
Jose Alberto Maldonado Los Angeles MIssion College
Victoria A. Malko California State University, Fresno
Lonna M. Malmsheimer Dickinson College (emeritus)
Simeon Man UC San Diego
Jen Manion Amherst College
Kathleen Mapes SUNY Geneseo
Alejandra Marchevsky Cal State LA
Rebecca Marchiel University of Mississippi
Jack D. Marietta University of Arizona (emeritus)
Katherine Marino Ohio State University
Javier Marion Emmanuel College
Norman Markowtz Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Abigail Markwyn Carroll University
Daniel Markwyn Sonoma State University (emeritus)
James Marten Marquette University
Daisy Martin Stanford University
Frances Martin University of Connecticut, Storrs
Monica M. Martinez Brown University
Anne M. Martínez University of Groningen
Claire M. Massey Saarland University, Germany
Andrés Matías-Ortiz Mercy College
Valerie J. Matsumoto University of California, Los Angeles
Christopher Matthews Montclair State University
Glenna Matthews Independent Scholar
Brendan Matz The Dalton School
Tanya Maus Wilmington College
Elaine Tyler May University of Minnesota
Heather Mayer Portland Community College
Kyle Mays University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael McCann University of Washington
Erin Mccarthy Public historian
Daniel Robert Mcclure California State University, Fullerton
Sharon Mcconnell-Sidorick Independent Scholar
Malisa Mccown Independent Scholar / University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Austin Mccoy University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kenja Mccray Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Erik S. Mcduffie University of Illinois
Laura Mcenaney Whittier College
Eliza Mcfeely Moorestown Friends School
Stephen P. Mcgrath Central Connecticut State University
Ivy Farr Mcintyre The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
Sheila Mcintyre SUNY Potsdam
John Mckiernan-Gonzalez Texas State University
Charles Mckinney Rhodes College
J. Gregory Mclamb Haywood Community College
John T. Mcnay University of Cincinnati
Genna Rae Mcneil University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Karen Mcneill Historian
Catherine Mcneur Portland State University
Weldon Mcwilliams Dutchess Community College
Samira K. Mehta Albright College
Gabriel N. Mendes Vanderbilt University
Mary E. Mendoza University of Vermont
Monica L. Mercado Colgate University
Denise Meringolo UMBC
April Merleaux Florida International University
James H. Merrell Vassar College
Keri Leigh Merritt Independent Scholar
Jack Metzgar Roosevelt University
Deborah Meyer Pensacola State College
Michael J. Meyer Missouri Dept. of Transportation, Historic Preservation Section
Robert Meyers Walden University (retired)
Molly C. Michelmore Washington & Lee University
Tony Michels University of Wisconsin-Madison
Georgia Abigail Mickey California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Elisa Miller Rhode Island College
Karen Miller LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Karl Hagstrom Miller University of Virginia
Wilbur R. Miller State University of New York, Stony Brook
Quincy Mills Vassar College
Sarah Milov University of Virginia
Nancy Raquel Mirabal University of Maryland, College Park
Mary Niall Mitchell Univerity of New Orleans
Ronald L. Mize Oregon State University
Natalia Molina University of California, San Diego
Marian Mollin Virginia Tech
Lyra Monteiro Rutgers University-Newark
Maria E. Montoya New York University
Matthew Mooney Santa Barbara City College
Isabell L. Moore UNC Chapel Hill
Anthony Mora University of Michigan
Elizabeth More Hebrew College
Bethany E. Moreton Dartmouth College
Brandon Morgan Central New Mexico Community College
Jennifer L. Morgan New York University
Lynda J. Morgan Mount Holyoke College
Zachary R. Morgan Penn State University
J. Brent Morris University of South Carolina Beaufort
Sara Moslener Central Michigan University
Donna Mote University of the South
Todd Moye University of North Texas
Stephen Mucher Bard College
Barry Ross Muchnick St. Mary's College of Maryland
Max Mueller University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Wanda Mullikin California State University Long Beach
Laura K. Muñoz Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Priscilla Murolo Sarah Lawrence College
Erin L. Murphy Independent Scholar
Kevin P. Murphy University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sharon Ann Murphy Providence College
George Derek Musgrove UMBC
Amrita Chakrabarti Myers Indiana University-Bloomington
Premilla Nadasen Barnard College
Stan Nadel University of Portland--Salzburg Austria Center
José Luis Serrano Nájera CSU Long Beach and Fullerton
Alice Nash University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Steven E. Nash East Tennessee State University
Susan R. Near Montana Historical Society
Andrew Needham New York University
Hayley Negrin New York University
Joseph Bruce Nelson Dartmouth College
Megan Kate Nelson Writer
Caroline Newhall UNC Chapel Hill
Jeffrey Nichols Westminster College
Michelle Nickerson Loyola University Chicago
Becky Nicolaides UCLA
Ann Marie Nicolosi The College of New Jersey
Laura Beth Nielsen Northwestern University
Adriana P. Nieto Metropolitan State University of Denver
Lisa Nocks New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kenneth Noe Auburn University
Catherine Nolan-Ferrell University of Texas at San Antonio
Ellen Noonan New York University
Scott North Osaka University
Holly Kathryn Norton History Colorado
Julie Novkov University at Albany, SUNY
Jennifer L. Nye University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Greg O'Brien UNC-Greensboro
Jean O'Brien University of Minnesota
Susan Eva O'Donovan University of Memphis
Patrick W. O'Neil Methodist University
Colleen O'Neill Utah State University
Patricia O'Toole Biographer, Columbia University
Kathryn Oberdeck University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Leah Lagrone Ochoa Texas Christian University
Meredith Oda University of Nevada, Reno
Mairin Odle University of Alabama
Amy C. Offner University of Pennsylvania
Leslie Offutt Vassar College
Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar University of Connecticut
Danielle R. Olden University of Utah
Martin T. Olliff Troy University Dothan Campus
Gary Orfield UCLA
Annelise Orleck Dartmouth College
Paul Ortiz University of Florida
Katherine M.B. Osburn Arizona State University
Ann Ostendorf Gonzaga University
Deirdre Cooper Owens Queens College, CUNY
Jerrad P. Pacatte Rutgers University, New Brunswick
A. Naomi Paik University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Caitlin Parker CSU Long Beach
Jessica Parr University of New Hampshire, Manchester
Elaine Frantz Parsons Duquesne University
Jimmy Patiño University of Minnesota
Timothy Patrick Mccarthy Harvard University
Sandra Patton-Imani Drake University
Emily Pawley Dickinson College
Malgorzata J. Rymsza Pawlowska American University
Stephen Pemberton New Jersey Institute of Technology
Aminta Perez Historian
Bernadette Perez University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Elisabeth I. Perry Saint Louis University
Kennetta Hammond Perry East Carolina University
Anthony Petro Boston University
Jason Petrulis California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Jean Pfaelzer University of Delaware
Michael J. Pfeifer John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Christopher Phelps University of Nottingham
Dirk Philipsen Duke University
Lisa Phillips Indiana State University
Mary Phillips Lehman College, City University of New York
William Philpott University of Denver
William B. Pickett Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (retired)
Marshall J. Pierson III Independent Scholar: Biblical Role of Civil Government
Peter C. Pihos Duke University
John R. Pincince Loyola University Chicago
Linda Pitelka Maryville University
Gina Marie Pitti Independent Scholar
Stephen Pitti Yale University
Carrie Pitzulo Colorado State University
Ann Marie Plane University of California, Santa Barbara
Rebecca Jo Plant University of California, San Diego
Elizabeth Pleck University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Don Polite University of South Carolina
Mica Pollock University of California, San Diego
Clark A. Pomerleau University of North Texas
William Scott Poole College of Charleston
Emily Pope-Obeda Emory University
Eric Porter University of California, Santa Cruz
Claire Potter The New School
Sarah Potter University of Memphis
Carolyn Powell Vol State Community College
Jon Powell University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Margaret Power Illinois Institute of Technology
Michael Shane Powers University of Arkansas
Cynthia Prescott University of North Dakota
Heather Munro Prescott Central Connecticut State University
Scott Gerard Prinster University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bradley Proctor Yale University
Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor Smith College
Lynn Purcell SUNY Cortland
Nancy L. Quam-Wickham California State University Long Beach
Carol Quirke SUNY Old Westbury
Megan Raby University of Texas at Austin
Peter Rachleff Macalester College (emeritus)
Patrick Rael Bowdoin College
Charity Rakestraw Western Governors University
Jessie Ramey Chatham University
Jorge Ramirez University of California at San Diego
Lisa Y. Ramos Alamo Colleges-San Antonio College
Barbara Ransby University of Illinois at Chicago
Gautham Rao American University
Raymond W. Rast Gonzaga University
Kristofer Ray Dartmouth College
Elena Razlogova Concordia University, Montreal
Leslie J. Reagan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Marcus Rediker University of Pittsburgh
Julie L. Reed University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Christy Regenhardt The George Washington University
David A. Reichard California State University Monterey Bay
Josh Reid University of Washington
L. Chardé Reid Independent Scholar
Rachel B. Reinhard Independent Scholar
Michael Rembis University at Buffalo, SUNY
Steven D. Reschly Truman State University
Penne Restad UT Austin
Miriam Reumann University of Rhode Island
Susan M. Reverby Wellesley College
Colin E. Reynolds Phoenix Country Day School
Jane Rhodes University of Illinois at Chicago
Nik Ribianszky Georgia Gwinnett College
Jeremy Rich Marywood University
Ute Ritz-Deutch State University of New York at Cortland, SUNY
Daniel Rivers Ohio State University
Mary Rizzo Rutgers University-Newark
Blain Roberts California State University, Fresno
Andrew W. Robertson CUNY Graduate Center
Judith Rodenbeck University of California at Riverside
Anthony Bayani Rodriguez St. John's University
David Roediger University of Kansas
David Rogers Philadelphia Unversity
Renee Romano Oberlin College
Todd Romero University of Houston
Tom I. Romero, Ii University of Denver
Don Romesburg Sonoma State University
David Tyroler Romine Duke University
Ariel Ron Southern Methodist University
Jessica Roney Temple University
Ana Elizabeth Rosas University of California, Irvine
Richard Rosencrance Ii West Virginia University
Jim Ross University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Joshua Rothman University of Alabama
Mary Logan Rothschild Arizona State University (emeritus)
Lori Rotskoff Independent Scholar
Wendy L. Rouse San Jose State University
Rob Ruck University of Pittsburgh
Tim Ruckle Jr. Pacific Collegiate School
Andrew R. Ruis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vicki L. Ruiz University of California, Irvine
Margaret Rung Roosevelt University
Theresa Runstedtler American University
Leila J. Rupp University of California, Santa Barbara
Amy J. Rutenberg Iowa State University
Peter Rutkoff Kenyon College
Marga Ryersbach Queensborough Community College, CUNY
Joan Saab University of Rochester
Honor Sachs Western Carolina University
Nicole Sackley University of Richmond
Douglas Sackman University of Puget Sound
Marcy S. Sacks Albion College
Linda K. Salvucci Trinity University
Kate Sampsell-Willmann Tacoma Community College
Enrique A. Sanabria University of New Mexico
Jeffrey Sanceri College of Alameda
Mark Sanchez University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Arlene Sanchez-Walsh Azusa Pacific University
Mark Forrest Sanders Santa Barbara City College
A. K. Sandoval-Strausz University of New Mexico
Julia Sandy Shepherd University
Aldo Lauria Santiago Rutgers University
Christen T. Sasaki San Francisco State University
Beryl Satter Rutgers University-Newark
Julie Saville University of Chicago
Virginia Scharff University of New Mexico
Cathy Schneider American University
Melody Schneider Edmonds Community College
Amy Schneidhorst Eisenberg Institute, University of Michigan
Rennie B. Schoepflin California State University, Los Angeles
Ann Schofield University of Kansas
Zachary M. Schrag George Mason University
Sanford Schram Hunter College, CUNY
Jeff Schramm Missouri University of Science and Technology
Donna Schuele California State University, Los Angeles
Jeff Schuhrke University of Illinois at Chicago
Debra L. Schultz Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Rodney Schuyler University of Pittsburgh
Leslie Schwalm University of Iowa
Daryl Scott Howard University
Elizabeth M. Scott Illinois State University
Jennifer Scott The New School
Michelle R. Scott UMBC
Megan Seaholm University of Texas at Austin
John C. Seitz Fordham University
Robert O. Self Brown University
Christopher Sellers Stony Brook University
Jennifer Seltz Western Washington University
Laura Isabel Serna University of Southern California
Nayan Shah University of Southern California
Margaret Shanahan Secondary teacher (retired)
Kelly J. Shannon Florida Atlantic University
Tobin Miller Shearer University of Montana
Kristalyn Marie Shefveland University of Southern Indiana
Rachel Shelden University of Oklahoma
Jeffrey P. Shepherd University of Texas at El Paso
Kathleen L. Sheppard Missouri S&T
Beth Sherouse Emory University
Naoko Shibusawa Brown University
Charles J. Shindo Louisiana State University
John Shufelt Tunghai University, Brown University
Kristina Shull UC Irvine
James Sidbury Rice University
Daniel Sidorick Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Mario J. Sifuentez University of California, Merced
Nina Silber Boston university
David Silkenat University of Edinburgh
Kathryn M. Silva Claflin University
Christopher Simons University of Oklahoma
Brad Simpson University of Connecticut
Elizabeth Sine University of California, San Diego
Manisha Sinha University of Connecticut
Anthony C. Siracusa Vanderbilt University
Deborah L. Sitarski AAUW (retired)
William Skelton University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (retired)
William E. Skidmore Rice University
Kathryn Kish Sklar SUNY Binghamton
Beth Slutsky University of California Davis
James Smethurst University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dale Edwyna Smith Independent Scholar
Geoff Smith Queen's University
Kevin D. Smith State University of New York at Potsdam
Kimberly Smith Carleton College
Mark A. Smith Fort Valley State University
Richard Smith Independent Scholar
Shannon Smith College of St Benedict-St John's University
Sherry L. Smith Southern Methodist University
Elizabeth Smith-Pryor Kent State University
Gregory Smithers Virginia Commonwealth University
William Smoot Castilleja School
Susan Smulyan Brown University
Christina Snyder Indiana University
Sarah B. Snyder American University
Rose Soza War Soldier Northern Arizona University
José A. Soler UMass Dartmouth (retired)
Peggy Solic The Ohio State University
Diane Miller Sommerville Binghamton University, SUNY
Adam M. Sowards University of Idaho
James O'Neil Spady Soka University of America
Randy J. Sparks Tulane University
Michael Spear Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Andrea Spears Autonomous University of Baja California
Ellen Griffith Spears University of Alabama
Darren Speece Sidwell Friends School
Robyn C. Spencer Lehman College, CUNY
Denise S. Spooner California State University, Fullerton (retired)
Rachel St. John University of California, Davis
Ronit Y. Stahl University of Pennsylvania
Kimberly Stahler Kent State University
Randy Stakeman Bowdoin College (emeritus)
Amy Dru Stanley University of Chicgo
Stefan Stawnychy Friends Seminary
Tracy Steffes Brown University
Werner Steger SUNY Dutchess
David Stein University of California, Los Angeles
Marc Stein San Francisco State University
Melissa Stein University of Kentucky
Mark E. Steiner South Texas College of Law
Alexandra Minna Stern University of Michigan
Jean-Marie Stevens Arizona State University
Russell Stevenson Michigan State University
James Brewer Stewart Macalester College
Timothy Stewart-Winter Rutgers University-Newark
Nancy L. Stockdale University of North Texas
Marijke Stoll University of Arizona
Jayme Millsap Stone University of Central Arkansas
Landon Storrs University of Iowa
Shelton Stromquist University of Iowa
Whitney Strub Rutgers University-Newark
Melissa N. Stuckey Independent Scholar
William Sturkey University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
David Suisman University of Delaware
Deirdre Sullivan Bellarmine College Prep
Raymond Sun Washington State University
Emily Sundstrom Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College
Jeremi Suri University of Texas at Austin
Joanna Swanger Earlham College
Sandra Swenson John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Donald C. Swift Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Danielle J. Swiontek Santa Barbara City College
Kirsten Sword Indiana University (retired)
Nicholas Syrett University of Northern Colorado
Robert Taber Fayetteville State University
David Tamarin David Tamarin SUNY-Geneseo (emeritus)
Jennifer Tammi Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Jennifer W. Taylor University of South Carolina, Columbia
Kerry Taylor The Citadel
Orion Teal Missouri Western State University
Jeanne Theoharis Brooklyn College
Jennifer Thigpen Washington State University, Pullman
Douglas Thompson Mercer University
Shirley Thompson The University of Texas at Austin
Jennifer Thornton University of California, Riverside
Tamara Plakins Thornton SUNY Buffalo
Coll Thrush University of British Columbia
Emily Thuma University of California, Irvine
Elizabeth Todd-Breland University of Illinois at Chicago
Mary Anne Trasciatti Hofstra University
Samuel Truett University of New Mexico
Cecilia Tsu University of California, Davis
Lauren Turek Trinity University
Jennifer Turner Independent Scholar
Emily E. L.B. Twarog University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu University of California, Irvine
Sharon Ullman Bryn Mawr College
Elisabeth Unruh Northern Illinois University
Andrew Urban Rutgers University
Cristina V. Groeger Harvard University
Omar Valerio-Jiménez University of Texas at San Antonio
Anne Valk Williams College
Mona Vance-Ali Mississippi University for Women
Lara Vapnek St. John's University
Joseph Varga Indiana University, Bloomington
Zaragosa Vargas University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Colleen Vasconcellos University of West Georgia
William Veeder Central New Mexico Community College
Daniel Velásquez University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Tamara Venit-Shelton Claremont McKenna College
Ron Verzuh Simon Fraser University
Dean P. Veseprman Luther College
James R. Vice Texas Tech University
Margaret A. Villanueva St. Cloud State University (emeritus)
Jamie Wagman Saint Mary's College
Shirley T. Wajda Michigan State University
Daniel Walkowitz New York University
Wendy L. Wall Binghamton University, SUNY
David Walsh Gettysburg College
Eileen Walsh College of the Desert
Marcella Sherfy Walter Independent Scholar
Mary Elizabeth Walters University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jason Morgan Ward Mississippi State University
Catherine Warren University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dwight D. Watson Texas State University
Harry L. Watson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Laura Alice Watt Sonoma State University
Stewart Weaver University of Rochester
Devra Weber University of California Riverside
Sonnee D. Weedn Independent Practitioner
Judith Weisenfeld Princeton University
Jessica Weiss California State University East Bay
Gaylynn Welch State University of New York, Potsdam
Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh Vanderbilt University
Joel Wendland Grand Valley State University
Tisa Wenger Yale University
Anne Mitchell Whisnant East Carolina University
Brenda Battleson White University at Buffalo
D. Anthony White Sonoma State University
E. Frances White New York University (emeritus)
John W. White College of Charleston
Katherine White Independent Researcher
Richard White Stanford University
John D. Whitmer Shasta College
Erin Whitson Binghamton University, SUNY
Robert W. Widell, Jr. University of Rhode Island
Seth Wigderson University of Maine at Augusta
Hugh Wilford California State University, Long Beach
Diana Williams University of Southern California
Bridgett Williams-Searle College of Saint Rose
Robert Willingham Roanoke College
Alan Scot Willis Northern Michigan University
Christopher Willoughby Tulane University
Jocelyn Wills Brooklyn College, CUNY
Karen S. Wilson University of California Los Angeles
Veronica A. Wilson University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Gabriel Winant Yale University
Barbara Winslow Brooklyn College, CUNY
Daniel Wishnnoff Suffolk County Community College
Ryan Wisnor Pacific Northwest Labor History Association
Kate Wittenstein Gustavus Adolphus College
Victoria Saker Woeste American Bar Foundation
Corinne Wohlford Fontbonne University
Victoria W. Wolcott University at Buffalo
Robert P. Wolensky University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Montgomery Wolf University of Georgia
Robert S. Wolff Central Connecticut State University
Adam Wolkoff Independent Scholar
Kirsten Wood Florida International University
Rue Wood Northwest Vista College
Warren C. Wood California Polytechnic University Pomona
Robert H. Woodrum Perimeter College of Georgia State University
Colleen Woods University of Maryland
Cookie Woolner University of Memphis
Stephen Wrenn East Stroudsburg University
Nathan Wright Bryn Mawr College
Ellen Wu Indiana University Bloomington
Victoria Wyatt University of Victoria
Peter G. Yackel Historian
Maggie Yancey The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Virginia Yans Rutgers University New Brunswick
Cynthia Gwynne Yaudes Indiana University, Bloomington
Eric S. Yellin University of Richmond
Mari Yoshihara University of Hawai'i
James A. Young Edinboro University (emeritus)
Jason Young University at Buffalo
Jeremy C. Young Dixie State University
Serena Zabin Carleton College
Sherry Zane University of Connecticut, Storrs
Robert Zecker St. Francis Xavier University
Linda Ziegenbein University of Massachusetts, Amherst
David Zonderman North Carolina State University

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