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Video of the Week

Video of the Week: The Historical Context of Impeachment

For the fourth time in American history, an impeachment inquiry has been launched against a sitting president. Presidential historian Jon Meacham joins Chris Jansing to discuss the context of this monumental moment in time.



Roundup Top 10

President Trump’s Ukraine call and the dangers of personal diplomacy

by Tizoc Chavez

There are no systemic constraints on how presidents engage with their foreign counterparts.


The woman behind Elizabeth Warren’s blueprint for the presidency

by Rebecca Brenner Graham

Frances Perkins, the first female Cabinet secretary, is a model for how to bring activism to government.



How Understanding the History of the Earth's Climate Can Offer Hope Amid Crisis

by John Brooke, Michael Bevis and Steve Rissing

Our planet’s relationship to carbon dioxide has changed drastically before; it can change again.



This Is Why the Impeachment Clause Exists

by Adam Serwer

The authors of the Constitution foresaw the possibility of a corrupt president who would abuse his official powers to stay in office.



The Long History of American Slavery Reparations

by Manisha Sinha

From the colonial era to today, the bitter legacy of bondage and racial oppression has sparked demands for compensation, with some successes and many broken promises.



If This Isn’t Impeachable, Nothing Is

by Tom Nichols

Until now, there was room for reasonable disagreement over impeachment as both a matter of politics and a matter of tactics.



Beware, Democrats. Impeaching Trump will backfire

by Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti

From a legal point of view, the case for impeaching Trump may well be difficult to resist. Politically, though, it’s a different story.



I Voted to Impeach Nixon. I’d Do the Same for Trump.

by Elizabeth Holtzman

The Ukraine scandal has a lot of similarities to Watergate.



America’s Secret History in East Asia

by Alexis Dudden

Japan and South Korea are at odds today because Washington has been playing favorites for decades.



Why fears over Generation Z are overblown

by Miranda Sachs

We keep comparing young Americans to baby boomers and Generation X, but those comparisons are deeply flawed.


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