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The difference between Nixon and Trump is Fox News

by Nicole Hemmer

Fox News shields President Trump. But his love for their conspiracies might bring him down.


Impeachment is the latest chapter in the battle between democracy and white supremacy

by Carol Anderson

The connections aren’t as obvious, but America’s front lines remain the same as they’ve always been.



The NBA's cowardice on China

by Jonathan Zimmerman

"The NBA just threw Hong Kong under the bus, purely for the sake of the almighty dollar. And if that’s not outrageous, I don’t know what is."



What’s happening to Giuliani now was happening to him long before 9/11

by Jim Sleeper

Giuliani’s mind and career tell us as much as the impeachment inquiries are likely to do about why Trump’s presidency is so perverse.



The Supreme Court must extend the Civil Rights Act’s protections to LGBTQ employees

by Katherine Turk

It shouldn’t be legal to fire somebody for their sexual orientation or gender identity.



'God Is Not Going to Put It in Your Lap.' What Made Fannie Lou Hamer’s Message on Civil Rights So Radical—And So Enduring

by Keisha N. Blain

Hamer’s bold message to “get up and try to do something” was one that all Americans committed to change needed to hear



The Deep State Conspiracy Is About to Go Into Overdrive

by Ronald Radosh

The American right has advanced nutty conspiracy theories for decades. But the one we’re about to see play out will make Joe McCarthy look like an amateur.



Why America Needs Whistle-Blowers

by Allison Stanger

In accusing the intelligence community whistle-blower of partisanship and treason, President Trump has redefined whistle-blowing to serve his private interests rather than the rule of law. In the American tradition, whistle-blowers expose illegal or unconstitutional acts that the powerful want to keep secret.



How the Vaping Industry Is Using a Defensive Tactic Pioneered Decades Ago by Big Tobacco

by Sarah Milov

Sarah Milov, author of The Cigarette: A Political History, argues "the most dangerous aspect of vaping might not be what it does to the body, but rather what it does to the body politic."



Israel’s Fractured Democracy And Its Repercussions

by Alon Ben-Meir

A look at Israeli history and its latest headlines.






Abraham Lincoln, Washington Nationals fan

by Sidney Blumenthal

The long history of baseball in D.C. after the Nationals clenchend a National League Conference Series appearance.

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