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The Taproot Remains: On the Life and Legacy of Ernest J. Gaines

by Matthew Teutsch

"Gaines...wrote about the people he knew. The land he knew. Their struggles. Their joys. Their lives."


Presidential Candidates Crave the Spotlight. 200 Years Ago That Was Taboo.

by David Botti

For a century, presidential candidates were discouraged from openly campaigning - lest they appear power hungry like the British king America revolted against. Here's why that all changed.



Why Popeyes markets its chicken sandwich to African Americans

by Marcia Chatelain

Popeyes has long cultivated a black customer base — which has positive and negative ramifications.



The History Behind the Guy Fawkes Masks and Protest

by Sara Barrett

All around the world, protesters wear Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identity in service of a cause.



How Richard Nixon captured white rage — and laid the groundwork for Donald Trump

by Scott Laderman

Fifty years ago, Nixon gave us the “silent majority.” Today, Trump proudly declares himself its standard-bearer.



The Problem With How We Teach History

by Rachel Burstein

Students are still often building up to what they have been told is true, rather than finding truth on their own.



Why a 1972 Northern Ireland murder matters so much to historians

by Donald M. Beaudette and Laura Weinstein

A recent trial is an example of when historical truth and legal accountability diverge.



One Big Thing the Dems Get Wrong About Warren

by John F. Harris

The political establishment loves the center. But it’s the radicals who end up writing history.



Remembering The Ad Hoc Committee for Handicapped Access (AHCHA): Against Erasure of Disability History At the University Of Chicago

by Steph Ban

"The irony of placing a reminder of disability history in a stairwell does not escape me nor does it surprise me."




How Einstein Became the First Science Superstar

by Ron Cowen

A century ago, astronomers proved the general theory of relativity — and made him a global household name.

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