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How America Ends

by Yoni Appelbaum

A tectonic demographic shift is under way. Can the country hold together?


Don’t Expect Polls to Change Republican Minds

by Nicole Hemmer

When it comes to impeachment (and pretty much everything else), the G.O.P. is no longer driven by public opinion.



The gravest danger to American democracy isn’t an excess of vitriol—it’s the false promise of civility.

by Adam Serwer

"The idea that we’re currently experiencing something like the nadir of American civility ignores the turmoil that has traditionally characterized the nation’s politics, and the comparatively low level of political violence today despite the animosity of the moment." Serwer cites historian Manisha Sinha.



The Greatest Scam in History

by Naomi Oreskes

Scientists working on the issue have often told me that, once upon a time, they assumed, if they did their jobs, politicians would act upon the information. That, of course, hasn’t happened. Why?



The five ways Republicans will crack down on voting rights in 2020

by Carol Anderson

Given what’s at stake next year, the effort to prevent people voting will be fierce. We’ve been here before – and we can stop it.



The problem with ‘OK, boomer’

by Holly Scott

Generational divides distract from deeper questions of power. Boomers should remember that from the 1960s.



From Nixon to Trump, the historical arc of presidential misconduct is deeply troubling

by James M. Banner Jr.

Since the early 1970s, the behavior of American presidents has worsened in alarming ways.



History Has a Race Problem, and It’s Existential

by Allison Miller

White people dominate the study of history, as students and as those who earn PhDs.



How racial segregation exacerbates flooding in Baton Rouge

by William Horne

Strategies of segregation and secession to hoard resources are leaving the whole metropolitan area unprepared for rising waters.




How we fail our Chinese students

by Jonathan Zimmerman

If Chinese students spend several years in the United States and decide they don’t like democracy, we must not be making a strong enough case for it.

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