Don't Assume There'll be a 'Post-COVID-19 Era' - Historian Niall Ferguson Tells World vs Virus

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"I don't think we should assume there'll be a post-COVID-19 era, any more than there's a post-influenza era, or a post-tuberculosis era, or a post-AIDS era."

That's the assessment of historian Niall Ferguson, the main guest of this week's World Vs Virus podcast.

"There are a whole bunch of diseases that we simply learn to live with as a species, because we can't eradicate them and we can't successfully vaccinate against them. It's better at this point to imagine a world with COVID-19, rather than a world after it," he says.

And the author of The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World has a stark prediction for the financial recovery in the post-COVID - or perhaps rather 'with-COVID' - world.

"We are now in the biggest economic shock since the Great Depression, and it's moving faster. The big question is: can we get out of it equally quickly?

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