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  • Johns Hopkins Faces $1-Billion Lawsuit Over U.S. Experiments in Guatemala

    Nearly 800 former research subjects and their families filed a billion-dollar lawsuit on Wednesday against the Johns Hopkins University, blaming the institution for its role in U.S.-government experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s that infected hundreds of people with sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Pope John Paul II exhumed

    Pope John Paul II was exhumed on Friday ahead of his beatification as tens of thousands of people began arriving in Rome for one of the biggest events since his funeral in 2005.

  • 2005 3-June to July

    Week of 7-25-05 FRIDAY Scholar Sees Rowhouses as Slave Haven : A community push to save seven downtown Brooklyn rowhouses that may have been Underground Railroad safehouses has gained last-minute support. In a stunning reversal, historian A.J. Williams-Myers, a member of an academic panel hired by the city to review a study of the homes, visited the Duf

  • 2005 2-March to May

    Week of 5-30-05 FRIDAY Books/George Washington and Thomas Jefferson: Paul Johnson has just written a book on George Washington. Christopher Hitchens has just written a book on Thomas Jefferson. The surprise is both were published by HarperCollins's James Atlas. Deep Throat/George McGovern: "We need

  • 2005 1-January to February

    Week of 2-28-05 Nixon Library/Vietnam: In a surprise move that has left many scholars aghast and baffled, the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace has abruptly cancelled an academic conference scheduled for April that was to examine the history of Nixon and Vietnam. The conference, already advertised in the American Historical Association's newsletter and other places, was to have featured a score of prominent Nixo

  • 2004 4-September to December

    Week of 12-27-04 French and Indian War: Welcome to 2005: the Year of the French and Indian War. Actually? Make that years, plural. The celebration is continuing through 2010. New York would like to be known as the French and Indian War State, since it will serve as host of a national, and international, five-year-long commemoration of the many battles that took place within its

  • Breaking News Archive June 2004

    Week of 6-7-04 History of Science: Theories combine history, folklore, science. Texas History: A copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence and a promissory note that secured the nourishment of Alamo warriors are among several pieces of Texas history that wi

  • 2004 3-June to August

    Week of 8-30-04 Election 2004: Salon ... The widow of a Bush family confidant says her husband gave the future president an Alabama Senate campaign job as a favor to his worried father. Did they see him do any National Guard service?"Good lord, no." Linda Allison's story, never before published, contradicts the Bush campaign's assertion that George W. Bush transferred from the Texas Air National

  • 2004 2-March to May

    Week of 5-31-04 D-Day: D-Day and other World War II books salute the 60th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. “Pop” D-Day: In Delaware, a NASCAR driver races a car with a World War II warplane paint job. In Oklahoma, 3,000 paintball enthusiasts re-ena

  • 2004 1-January to February

    Week of 2-23-04 Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Daniel J. Boorstin, who wrote more than 20 history books over his long career, has died. He was 89. Annenberg Poll: Senator John Kerry�s antiwar activities and President Bush�s service in the Texas Air National Guard matter chiefly to American

  • 2002 May to December

    Week of 12-23-02 NASA cancels history of the moon landing, which was supposed to answer kooks who say man never walked on the moon. Bertelsmann AG (Germany), which formerly claimed it had been shut down because of its opposition to Nazi regime, has publicly thanked independent commission that set record straight on company's extensive collusion with Nazis.

  • 2003 3-June to December

    Week of 12-29-03 Iran vows to rebuild the citadel in Bam. A strange sixteenth-century book may be cunningly crafted nonsense, says a computer scientist. Gordon Rugg has used the techniques of Elizabethan espionage to recreate the Voynich manuscript, whi

  • 2003 2 April to May 2003

    Week of 6-2-03Treasures of Nimrud found in Iraqi vault; US says fewer than 50 items from the collection of the Iraqi National Museum's main exhibition are still missing.Los Angeles marks the 35th anniversary of the death of Bobby Kennedy.

  • 2003 1-January to March

    Week of 3-31-03 The OAH has approved a resolution in support of the right of dissent during war-time. The month of April has been designated Confederate History Month by many of the counties and municipalities in Tennessee. OAH executive board recommends that the organizatio