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It Wasn't Long Ago that Easter in Fort Worth Celebrated the Lord and the Klan

It was Holy Week 1922, 100 years ago:

▪ Palm Sunday, April 9: “Klan Refuses to Disband” — “DALLAS — ‘We will stay forever.’ This is the answer of the Ku Klux Klan to Mayor Sawnie Aldredge’s suggestion that they disband, made at the conclusion of a meeting attended by 5,000 Klansmen in the coliseum of the Texas State Fair here Saturday night. ... The Klan wishes to work for better citizenship and 100 percent Americanism.”

▪ Palm Sunday, April 9: “Henry Announces Stand on K.K.K.” — “Robert L. (Bob) Henry, candidate for the United States Senate, speaking in the auditorium of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce ... replied ‘I am proud to say that I am in favor of the Ku Klux Klan.’ Cheers which lasted several minutes greeted this remark.

“Henry declared: ‘The Ku Klux believes in white supremacy. ... Foreign immigration has reached a stage when real red-blooded Americans should rise up.’ ”

▪ Monday, April 10: “Pastor Praises Ku Klux Klan” — “Rev. W.H. Knight was cheered by the largest crowd ever gathered at the Birdville Baptist Church Sunday night as he discussed the Ku Klux Klan, stating there is a need. ... Four Klansmen entered the church at the beginning of the service and gave the pastor, Rev. C.E. Matthews, a bouquet ...

“ ... In reply to the greetings, the pastor said, “I am, both as a citizen and a minister of the Gospel, a friend of the Klan and I stand for everything it stands for.’ ”

▪ Monday, April 10: “Jury Calls Klan Speaker” — “J.E. Camp of Atlanta, Ga., ... mentioned [Fort Worth] as a Texas city with a strong Klan, declaring that the organization numbered more than 6,000 ... it included judges, business and profession men, county officials, and ‘every preacher in town, save one.’ ”

▪ Wednesday, April 12: “Klan Defended by Electra Preacher” — “CLEBURNE — ‘The Ku Klux Klan is a power for righteousness.’ ” This was the statement of Rev. R.B. Curry of Electra, preaching at the Anglin Street Methodist Church. ... He asserted that immorality is running riot all over the country.”

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