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NPR podcast ‘White Lies’ named Pulitzer Prize finalist


Produced and hosted by Andrew Beck Grace, Chip Brantley, Graham Smith, Nicole Beemsterboer and Robert Little, the 7-part podcast identified a fourth assailant in Reeb’s murder who was never arrested. Reeb was in Selma for less than 24 hours before he and two other ministers were attacked by a group of white men. Reeb died two days later. The three men tried for Reeb’s murder were acquitted and the case went cold.

Alabama-based hosts Brantley and Grace traveled to Selma to speak to the people of Selma about the events that occurred in the aftermath of Reeb’s murder. They searched the town for living witnesses and talking to the town’s citizens about what they remembered from the night of violence more than 50 years ago.


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