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Writings of Ron Radosh available now on Discover The Networks

Discover The Networks is proud to announce that it has newly added, to its website, a massive archive of the writings of the eminent conservative historian (and former leftist) Ron Radosh. This archive includes many hundreds of articles wherein Radosh shares his deep understanding of the leftist worldview, thereby greatly enhancing the mission of Discover The Networks as the premier database on the American Left for writers and researchers. To view the contents of the archive, click here.

In his writings, Radosh aims “to challenge those who believe they have no need to be tolerant or broad-minded, and think that anyone who sees things differently is a secret leftist, a fake conservative, or worse.” While characterizing himself as “a center/right conservative,” Radosh takes pains to emphasize: “I differ with many conservatives on many issues.” Marty Peretz, former editor and publisher of The New Republic, once described him as “the myth-busting historian”—and that, says Radosh, is “a term I am rather content with.”...

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