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Jan 19, 2005

Black Titan

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David Timothy Beito - 1/20/2005

I agree with you about Under the Knife. Pearson is an elegant, clear stylist who is a good sense of narrative, drama, and nuance. In my research for Mississippi, I found examples of black doctors performing abortions on members of the white elite.

I know for sure that Pearson knows about Schuyler because I sent him some of my blogs on the subject.

Kenneth R Gregg - 1/19/2005

Good for him! Pearson is a fine writer who has clearly found a specific niche in describing successful african-americans. His biography of his uncle in "Under the Knife" is another example, and I like the material in his website NYAge.net (at this point, I'm tempted to ask if he has knows about Schuyler, but going to bite my lip before everyone thinks/knows I've become obsessed with him!).

Just a thought.
Just Ken