Robin Lindley

Robin Lindley is a Seattle-based writer and attorney. He is features editor for the History News Network (hnn.us), and his work also has appeared in Writer’s Chronicle, Crosscut, Documentary, NW Lawyer, Real Change, Huffington Post, Bill Moyers.com, Salon.com, and more. He has a special interest in the history of human rights and medicine. He can be reached by email: robinlindley@gmail.com.

  • Director Lynn Novick on the New Holocaust Documentary

    by Robin Lindley

    "We decided we had to go back to the 19th century—to the ideals behind the Statue of Liberty and our values as a society. And then we looked at how we lived up to or did not live up to those values when push came to shove in the 1930s and 1940s."

  • Samuel Moyn on His Recent "Humane" and More

    by Robin Lindley

    "I also discovered Tolstoy developed a set of disquieting worries about making war humane that have turned out to be prophetic of our partial success in doing so in our time."




  • Lindsey Fitzharris on Visionary Surgeon Harold Gillies

    by Robin Lindley

    In "The Facemaker," Lindsey Fitzharris tells the story of the British surgeon Harold Gillies, who pioneered reconstructive surgeries for the horrific facial wounds suffered by soldiers in the first world war. 

  • Jonathan Katz on Smedley Butler and American Empire

    by Robin Lindley

    The author of "Gangsters of Capitalism" discusses Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who manned the front lines of American imperialism but also blew the whistle on an alleged coup plot against FDR.