Ford library is a window on his unique legacy

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ANN ARBOR, MICH. — If David A. Horrocks could point to a favorite historical gem housed inside the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, it would be this: a single sheet of paper, outlining a 1975 senior staff meeting.

Ford had called the aides into the Oval Office to iron out key staff changes.

Donald H. Rumsfeld would become secretary of Defense. Dick Cheney would be named chief of staff. George H.W. Bush would "replace Bill Colby at CIA."

"It's the future unfolding," said Horrocks, the library's supervisory archivist who has worked with the collection since it arrived here in 1977. "To search through these papers is the closest thing most people will ever get to sitting in the same room with the former president."

Inside a modest brick building on the University of Michigan's North Campus rests the world's preeminent collection of Ford's papers, a treasure trove of documents from one of the country's most tumultuous periods.
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