• Behind America's Relationship to Exercise

    Natalia Mehlman Petrzela's "Fit Nation" places the growth of a vast private exercise industry in a context heavy on moralizing and idealizing and light on public support for healthy living. 

  • Does America Need to Return to Medieval Sleep Habits?

    Historian Roger Ekrich describes the medieval biphasic sleep cycle – falling asleep at nightfall, waking at midnight, and sleeping again till dawn – but says it was a response to living conditions, not a natural pattern or preferable to modern sleep habits.

  • Children Are At Risk. Why Aren’t We Doing More?

    by Molly Ladd-Taylor and Kriste Lindenmeyer

    100 years ago Woodrow Wilson launched a federal initiative to improve children’s health and welfare. He called it Children’s Year. It’s time for another.