• Racist "Replacement" Theory Goes Mainstream

    "White replacement theory" posits the existence of a plot to change America's racial composition by methodically enacting policies that reduce white Americans' political power. It's moved from the fringes of the hard right to the mainstream of conservative media and some Republican politicians. 

  • Politicians, not Migrants, are Fueling the Pandemic's Resurgence

    by Randa Tawil

    At the height of colonialism, European governments rejected calls for quarantine to keep global commerce humming, and blamed supposedly unsanitary local populations for the inevitable spread of cholera. Governors in some US states are repeating this mistake today. 

  • Nativism Has Thwarted American Refugee Resettlement Before

    by E. Kyle Romero

    Political hostility toward the Bolshevik revolution and anti-Asian racism were among the factors that prevented the resettlement of World War I refugees in the United States, leaving their care to Eurpoean nations wracked by war. 

  • Mexico Faces Up to Uneasy Anniversary of Chinese Massacre

    The 1911 massacre of Chinese laborers in the town of Torreón shows that Asian migrants were subjected to mass violence throughout the Americas. The Mexican government and society have only recently begun to acknowledge this and other incidents.  

  • Tucker Carlson’s Cries about Immigrants

    by Zachary M. Schrag

    Before Tucker Carlson, Samuel Morse was the nation's leading anti-immigrant troll. And, like Carlson, he attributed evils to Catholic immigrant voters that simply reflected the day's political culture, shared by native-born and immigrant Americans. 

  • The Century-Old Law That Inaugurated Biden’s Border Problems

    by Reece Jones

    This week marked the centennial of the Emergency Quota Act, which established racist quotas for immigration and continues to make immigration policy a political and humanitarian nightmare.

  • Sadly, Hatred is Very Much American

    by Ralph E. Shaffer

    "Lieutenant Cable, and Oscar Hammerstein, had it wrong in "South Pacific."  Americans don't have to be "carefully taught " to hate. Historically, it's been inherent, one generation after another. The only change has been the target."

  • What Do John Dewey's Century-Old Thoughts on Anti-Asian Bigotry Teach Us?

    by Charles F. Howlett

    A century ago, the American philosopher and educator took a sabattical to China and concluded that, if encouraged to learn about other cultures, White Americans could be brought to acceptance of Asian Americans and other immigrants as equal participants in democracy. COVID-inspired bigotry shows this dream remains unrealized.