• Can Canada Contain Conflagration?

    by Steve Pyne

    Fire is a part of the long natural history of Canada, but this month's wildfires show the insufficiency of the nation's plans to live with fire at the opening of a Pyrocene era. 

  • Can FIRE's Free Expression Crusade Work Off Campus?

    The organization is pursuing a rebranding as an advocate for free expression off-campus. Supporters cheer its pledge to support free debate; detractors argue the group is advancing conservative complaints about "wokeness." 

  • Bronx Fire Shows the Perils and Politics of Home Heating

    by Rebecca Wright

    Landlords and tenants have long fought over the benefits and costs of heat, with municipal codes serving as the referee. This month's deadly fire shows the consequences of regulatory neglect.

  • FIRE Open Letter to the University of Mississippi, 12/18/2020

    The nonpartisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education asks University of Mississippi Chancellor Glenn Boyce to reevaluate the decision to end Professor Garrett Felber's employment, raising the possibility that the decision was related to Felber's criticism of the university. 

  • The History of Fire: An interview with Stephen Pyne

    by Matthew Crawford

    "Fire is a creation of the living world, but we have defined it as a phenomenon for physics and chemistry...we’ve mostly ignored the ideas and institutions that shape the social half of the equation."

  • Searching for El Dorado: The Colonial Fantasy of the Amazon

    by Ed Simon

    There is a direct ideological thread that runs from the early explorers of the Caribbean and South America and the current environmental catastrophe unfolding in the Brazilian rainforest as fire burns its way across the length of a land which was once called paradise.