sex work

  • Are You Ready to Be Surveilled Like a Sex Worker?

    by Olivia Snow

    A moral panic over sex trafficking has justified the development of an extensive electronic infrastructure of surveillance and punishment of sex workers. These are the tools other women can expect to have used against them if they seek (or seek to learn about) abortions or associate online with others who do.

  • Racist Policing Has Roots in Controlling Sex Work

    by Sarah A. Seo

    Anne Gray Fischer's book shows that police policy toward sexuality in public space changed in ways that made Black women's public lives subject to increased control and that entrenched the discretion of police to stop people for suspected minor offenses that is associated with "broken windows" policing today. 

  • The Dehumanizing Logic of All the ‘Happy Ending’ Jokes

    by Anne Anlin Cheng

    "The figure of the eroticized-yet-degraded Asian woman can be readily found in movies and onstage. One of the most visibly racist, sexist, and inhuman tropes to emerge out of Western imperial history, this woman nonetheless hardly registers in the public consciousness as someone who has suffered discrimination.

  • Rage and Retribution

    The bungled police statements after the Atlanta shootings reflect the way that moral panics about sexuality have historically worked to make Asian immigrant women the targets, rather than the protectees, of law enforcement. 

  • The Deep American Roots of the Atlanta Shootings

    Emerging facts about the Atlanta shootings last week suggests that the incident reflects the sexualized portrayal of Asian women that grew out of colonialism and American military involvement in Asia.