writing history

  • Review: Researching and Writing History in the Digital Age

    by Steven Mintz

    Zachary Schrag's new Princeton Guide to Historical Research is a fresh update to discussions of historical method that meshes with the urgent pursuit of relevance in the discipline and the involvement of history in public political debate.

  • Autobiography with Scholarly Trimmings

    by Zachary M. Schrag

    "The autobiographical tradition has served historians well, as both scholars and teachers. Our personal experiences—and those of our ancestors, biological or fictive—inspire our research, help us make sense of the past, and guide our students to questions that drive their curiosity and passion."

  • Can Historians Be Traumatized by History? (Content Warning)

    by James Robins

    "If the historian—the very person supposed to process the past on behalf of everyone else—struggles with trauma, then it is little surprise that societies as a whole struggle to face the violence of how they were formed and how they prevailed."

  • Scholars Talk Writing: Louis P. Masur

    The Rutgers professor discusses the process of writing and the need for historical training to include multiple modes of writing and narrative. 

  • The Many Joys of Writing History

    by Walter G. Moss

    It is the chance to stand back and observe the whole human story, with all its tragedies and comedies, and like Shakespeare think “What a piece of work is man!”