Xi Jinping

  • How Will History Remember Xi?

    by Robert Brent Toplin

    Despite China's growth as an economic and military force, Xi Jinping's authoritarian government may ultimately be seen as a drag on the nation's prosperity and the flourishing of the Chinese population. 

  • Michael Schuman: Xi's New China is Terrifying

    by Michael Schuman

    A leading China scholar argues that the government's increased restrictions on individuals and companies, from the petty to the consequential, signal a retrenchment of central authority after a period of liberalization. 

  • China Passes Historical Resolution Enabling Xi's Ongoing Rule

    “By tracing the continuity of the party over 100 years, it is used to show that it was inevitable for Xi to emerge at this time to be the ‘core’ of the party,” said Tony Saich of Harvard's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.