disability history

  • Does Sen. Fetterman's Depression Disclosure Signal Change in Mental Health Acceptance?

    by Jonathan Sadowsky

    51 years ago the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Senator Thomas Eagleton, was dropped from the ticket when it was revealed he had received treatment for depression. A historian of mental health says it's too simple to declare progress without acknowledging ongoing stigma. 

  • The Government Pen

    by Nick Delehanty

    "The Skilcraft pen is indeed more than a pen. It’s the physical embodiment of New Deal social policies; it’s the product of disabled people’s labor, labor which has long been a site of contestation."

  • Devoted to the Deaf, Did Alexander Graham Bell Do More Harm Than Good?

    Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone was, a new biographer argues, an adjunct to his passion for "oralism," a movement to encourage deaf people to speak and to reject sign language, a commitment that appears oppressive and intolerant from the perspective of the modern disability movement.