graduate education

  • When Professors Close Ranks

    by Claire Bond Potter

    If administrations can't be counted on to support student victims of sexual harassment, faculty need to be prepared to defend students and help them defend themselves by whatever means necessary. 

  • Historians on the Harvard Sexual Harassment Scandal

    Two competing open letters pitted Harvard faculty against each other over discipline imposed on anthropology professor John Comaroff. Then a federal lawsuit made the full range of accusations against the professor and the university public. 

  • Notes from a Grad School Survivor

    by Kellen Heniford

    This week's revelations of sexual harassment and institutional complicity at Harvard are striking a chord with women academics because they're not surprising. The author discusses her own experiences and the power dynamics stacked against students and survivors.

  • The Tip of the Iceberg at Harvard?

    Just after 38 Harvard faculty penned an open letter of support for Professor John Comaroff, a lawsuit by three graduate students against him and the university was announced. The allegations describe a repeated pattern of harassment and institutional protection for an abuser.

  • Terminal Does Not Mean Dead: Why the History MA Deserves Our Attention

    by Lauren Braun-Strumfels and Tim Herbert

    Caught between the Bachelor's and the PhD, the Master's degree in history needs to get much more careful consideration as a part of the historical profession and as training for historians outside of higher education. 

  • The PhD Glut and What to Do About It

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    A professor of education history addresses a recent book on career diversity for PhD students and questions whether academic departments are prepared to revamp their curricula to prepare students for careers outside academia. 

  • Graduate Students: NOT THE WORST

    by Michelle Nickerson

    A history professor celebrates her graduate students' idiosyncrasies and their outstanding work under duress as redemption for a calamitous semester.

  • Don’t Forget About Graduate Students

    by Nadirah Farah Foley

    Our labor sustains colleges’ educational mission. Now it’s time for universities to sustain us.