Holocaust history

  • Ken Burns's Holocaust History Has a Palestine Problem

    by Rafael Medoff and Monty Noam Penkower

    Although there was no sovereign government in Palestine between 1933 and 1945, British authorities there admitted a quarter million Jewish refugees. The filmmaker's focus on "sovereign" countries' record admitting refugees burnishes the Roosevelt administration's record. 

  • Burns Revisits American Holocaust Role

    The new documentary examines the nation's response to Jewish refugees in the context of Southern Jim Crow policies and global racism and antisemitism. 

  • At 75th Anniversary, What Can Anne Frank's Diary Teach Today's Teens?

    by Naomi Yavneh Klos

    A project that trains middle school student docents to lead peer discussions of Anne Frank's diary unlocks the power of empathy and experience to impart lessons about the Holocaust and about the broader concerns of human dignity and security for adolescents strained by the pandemic, violence, and identity-based demonization. 

  • The Republicans' Holocaust Problem

    by Steve Hochstadt

    "New Republican laws and their emboldened approach to white supremacy will inevitably lead to an attack on any Holocaust teaching which goes beyond the discussion of prejudice to analyze the power of embedded racism and Christian white supremacy."

  • Holocaust Scholars Ordered to Apologize in Polish Libel Case

    "The Polish League Against Defamation is ideologically aligned with the country’s ruling party, and the scholars see that as an indication the case is part of a government-backed effort to promote its historical narrative."

  • David Hackett, Historian and Holocaust Expert, Dies at 80

    Professor Hackett was noted for translating "The Buchenwald Report," made by German-speaking US military officers who described in detail their findings at the liberated concentration camp, preserving a key document for the fight against Holocaust denialism. He died of complications of the coronavirus.