Federalist Society

  • The Conservative Movement Has Captured SCOTUS. Now What?

    by Linda Greenhouse

    As the institution with the power to advance conservative goals without popular support, it was inevitable that the right would focus on packing the judiciary, explains veteran court reporter Linda Greenhouse. 

  • Dark Money Fuels Anti-Choice Assault in State Houses

    by Julia Peck, Evan Vorpahl & Alyssa Bowen

    Dark money groups are ready to flood state legislative, judicial and attorney general races with cash and supply their allies with model legislation to take immediate advantage of the opening created by the Dobbs decision. The state-level war over abortion rights is on. 

  • The Conservatives on the Court Don't Seem too Concerned about SCOTUS's Legitimacy

    by Mary Ziegler

    The belief that Supreme Court justices will moderate their decisions to avoid the image of an unelected group of partisan ideologues usurping the power of the elected branches of the government seems increasingly rooted in outdated norms and institutional arrangements that no longer apply. 

  • How Democrats Lost the Courts

    "Some Democrats are starting to suspect that the story is simpler: They’ve been chumps. They have clung to norms Republicans long ago abandoned. They have championed moderates in order to appeal to their enemies, only to watch those moderates twist in the wind."

  • The Elite Sisterhood of Amy Coney Barrett

    Although abortion rights are receiving much of the focus from Amy Coney Barrett's critics, writer Melissa Gira Grant argues that her participation in a decades-long conservative effort to undermine the social safety net will have broad consequences on every dimension of the lives of women who lack Barrett's privilege. 

  • How the Republican Party Took Over the Supreme Court

    by John Fabian Witt

    We are now at least one decade into a nearly unprecedented experiment in partisan judging at the highest court in the land. Our legal and political systems have barely begun to process what that means.

  • All the President's Crackpots

    by Jeet Heer

    Richard A. Epstein’s crank theories about the coronavirus are influential thanks to a powerful network of right-wing legal activists.