Black nationalism

  • What Does Clarence Thomas Think Clarence Thomas is Doing?

    A panel of scholars and journalists examine a paradox: how Clarence Thomas went from embracing the tenets of Black Nationalism to an administrative and judicial career that most characterize as hostile to the rights of Black Americans. 

  • I Grew Up in a Black Liberationist Commune

    From 1973 to the early 2000s, the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church operated a communal home in a Detroit apartment building, dedicated to the collective project of replacing received notions of Black inferiority with a sense of possibility. 

  • The Plan to Build a Capital for Black Capitalism

    Thomas Healy's book "Soul City" looks at a short-lived experiment to create a capital city for Black capitalism in America, part of a long series of political debates about whether the pursuit of economic power by Black Americans would overcome racism. 

  • The Legacy of Black Lives Matter

    How does Black Lives Matter connect to previous civil rights efforts? What makes it unique? In this interview, historian Keisha N. Blain answers that and more.