felon disenfranchisement

  • Florida's Arrests of Voters with Felony Convictions Echoes Post-Reconstruction Era

    Felon disenfranchisement dates back to Florida's first constitution in 1838; after Florida's voters approved a constitutional amendment, Governor Ron DeSantis's administration has instituted loopholes to prevent people from exercising that right and making public arrests that are likely to make many convicted Floridians think better of trying. 

  • What Modern Voter Suppression Looks Like In Florida

    by Julio CapĆ³ Jr. and Melba V. Pearson

    "The result of legal maneuvering in Florida is a 21st-century version of Jim Crow, now matured into James Crow Esq. The intent — to restrict minority community access to the ballot box — is the same, but the methods of voter suppression have become more sophisticated."