Environmental racism

  • ‘One Oppressive Economy Begets Another’

    Slavery and Jim Crow deprived Black communities in Louisiana of wealth and power, and enabled contemporary environmental racism. But slavery-era cemeteries are becoming part of efforts by those communities to fight back against polluters. 

  • People of Color Breathe More Hazardous Air. The Sources Are Everywhere

    The findings of a new study confirm what environmental justice activists and scholars like Robert Bullard have been arguing for decades: minority communities in the United States are susceptible to a disproportionate share of environmental health hazards from multiple sources. 

  • The Problem of Environmental Racism in Mexico Today is Rooted in History

    by Jayson Maurice Porter

    The marginalization of Afro-Mexican history in the state of Guerrero is product of a history of government-sanctioned development that harmed marginalized communities; ignorance of that history prevents considering policy solutions that could advance environmental justice in areas harmed by tourism development and deforestation.