Christian Nationalism

  • White Christian Nationalism is Out in the Open Now

    by Annika Brockschmidt and Thomas Lecaque

    The boundaries of acceptable discussions of the relationship of religion and civil authority and citizenship have shifted on the right as political candidates now treat the label "Christian nationalist" with defiance instead of denial, and deploy a mythical version of the past to justify their views.

  • Church-State Separation is Alien to Many Americans' Faith

    by Caleb Gayle

    The "classical" Christian curriculum pushes a historical vision that America was conceived by God as a beacon of righteousness, and that Christian duty is to eliminate secularism and religious pluralism. 

  • Trump Has Mainstreamed Christian Nationalism, Despite its History of Violence

    by Samuel Perry

    The Trump administration and the current wave of MAGA candidates have openly embraced Christian nationalist themes that were once confined to the far-right and white supremacist fringe. It's vital that the historical violence associated with these ideas is not forgotten. 

  • Kathleen Wellman on How the Religious Right Hijacked History

    "These textbooks, unlike the work of historians, dismisses much of human history and denigrates most human accomplishments. Only human efforts undertaken to support 'biblical truth,' meaning evangelical Protestantism, are godly and have any value; all others reflect sinful 'humanism'."

  • We're Facing the Results of the Dems' Retreat from Secularism

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    By trying to match the Republicans on bringing Christian faith into policy, Democrats abandoned the difficult but necessary struggles to define how a diverse society protects religious freedom for majority and minority faiths – and those of no faith. 

  • The Lesson from Republicans' Embrace of "Classical Education"

    Calls for "transparency" in curriculum are working hand in hand with an agenda to divert public school funding to charter schools using a curriculum steeped in Christian nationalism. But liberals would do well to heed the connection these plans draw between education and citizenship, and parents' desire to connect them more firmly.

  • Missing from the Conversation on Christian Nationalism? Whiteness

    by Peter Laarman

    The extreme wing of the Christian right is attracting attention for its rhetoric equating freedom with their own power to determine the course of society. A minister argues that recent works in religious history show that it's a mistake to leave out the significance of white racial identity to that movement. 

  • The Shock Troops of the Next Big Lie

    by Katherine Stewart

    A historian of the religious right argues that the movement has recently integrated the Trumpist myth of stolen elections into its political mobilization of evangelical pastors.