Christian Nationalism

  • Josh Hawley Earns F in Early American History

    by John Nichols

    "The origins of the misquote, which has circulated for years in Christian nationalist publications, can be traced to that 1956 article in The Virginian, a segregationist-era publication that Willamette University history professor Seth Cotlar has described as 'virulently antisemitic & white nationalist'.”

  • Hawley's Use of Fake Patrick Henry Quote a Revealing Error

    The Senator's tweet repeating a false quotation that asserted the United States had an explicitly Christian founding is more than a case of being suckered by online misinfomation; it reflects his Christian nationalist politics. 

  • How "Christian" is Christian Nationalism?

    Historian Kathryn Gin Lum, among other scholars, helps to shed light on the paradox that those who believe America is a "Christian nation" hold that view with greater militancy even as religious observance declines. 

  • The Threat of Christian Nationalism

    by Kristin Du Mez

    "Because Christian nationalists believe that God is on their side and that the fate of Christian America is at stake, among staunch adherents there is no space for compromise."

  • DeSantis Knows Path to Victory Runs Through Right-Wing Churches

    by Katherine Stewart

    Ron DeSantis's efforts to outflank Donald Trump to win the allegiance of Christian nationalists will determine whether he can become the GOP nominee. The lengths he's gone to already to court that constituency should scare supporters of democracy. 

  • Victimhood and Vengeance: The Reactionary Roots of Christian Nationalism

    by Linda Greenhouse

    Three books offer illuminating and distressing insight on the eruption of Christian nationalism, a "deep story" in American cultural history that, when its adherents feel denied the power they expect, guides potentially violent vengeance. 

  • So Close and Yet Shofar: Where Does MAGA Go From Here?

    by Annika Brockschmidt and Thomas Lecaque

    There is not likely to be any course correction after the defeat of Trump-endorsed candidates as long as they continue to double down on false accusations of election fraud and rally around symbols of Christian nationalism. 

  • Who Is a Christian Nationalist?

    by Samuel L. Perry and Andrew L. Whitehead

    New survey data says that the growing Christian Nationalist movement is broader than previously believed, and a potential political force in many places. 

  • The Past and Present of Christian Nationalism in America

    by Eric McDaniel

    "Christian nationalism is a religious and political belief system that argues the United States was founded by God to be a Christian nation and to complete God’s vision of the world. In this view, America can be governed only by Christians, and the country’s mission is directed by a divine hand."

  • What Does It Mean to Be Baptized for Trump?

    by John Fea

    100 Trump supporters were baptized last week in Pennsylvania, at a rally featuring a who's who of MAGA world. A Christian historian wonders: what do we make of a spiritual commitment to Trumpism, and of the political appropriation of the conversion experience? 

  • Conservative Colleges are Winning the Culture Wars

    by Adam Laats

    While battles over abortion information and teaching racism get headlines, Hillsdale College and other conservative institutions are quietly following the model created by Bob Jones University in the 1970s to push conservative Christian curricula into schools across the country.

  • White Christian Nationalism is Out in the Open Now

    by Annika Brockschmidt and Thomas Lecaque

    The boundaries of acceptable discussions of the relationship of religion and civil authority and citizenship have shifted on the right as political candidates now treat the label "Christian nationalist" with defiance instead of denial, and deploy a mythical version of the past to justify their views.