Haitian History

  • The Specter of Foreign Forces in Haiti

    by Ambroise Jean-Léon (trans. by Awori Othieno)

    The situation in Haiti now echoes a long history of coercion by foreign governments who have leveraged the threat of invasion to steer domestic politics. 

  • What's New and Not in the NYT Haiti Blockbuster

    by Jonathan M. Katz

    What can be taken away from the battle erupting between journalists and historians over the Times's blockbuster news event on Haiti's post-independence forced ransom? 

  • The West's Centuries-Old Debt to Haiti

    by Howard W. French

    "Although Americans’ centuries-long debt to the Haitian people is untaught in our schools and unacknowledged in our public discourse, the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people created the United States we know today."