Divisive Concepts

  • I'm Headed to Florida to Teach-In Against DeSantis's Education Policies

    by Kellie Carter Jackson

    This May 17 saw a 24-hour teach-in by historians in St. Petersburg, Florida, to protest the restrictions on curriculum, books and ideas pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis and his allies. As a historian of abolition, the author stresses that denying people the pen may influence them to pick up the sword. 

  • Why "Woke" is Such a Convenient Dog Whistle for the Right

    by Samuel L. Perry and Eric L. McDaniel

    The term hints at evoking demonized populations—Black and LGBTQ Floridians, for instance—while maintaining enough ambiguity to foster deniability about the consequences of legislation. It also has the auxiliary function of trolling white liberals. 

  • Florida Man Calls the Thought Police

    by Victor Ray

    "Another word for believing in systemic inequality is 'reality.' Few legitimate social scientists claim otherwise, as an overwhelming body of evidence supports structural accounts of racism." By suppressing this reality, DeSantis reaches back to the McCarthy era's suppression of thinking about racism.

  • Who Controls the Curriculum in Florida?

    by Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn

    A federal court's ruling that Florida can't enforce it's "Stop WOKE" Act is a win for academic freedom, but not a total victory. Faculty must reassert the prerogative of setting curricular guidelines against administrators who see their role as serving the state. 

  • What Does it Mean to Teach "Divisive Concepts"?

    by Dale E. Miller

    Insofar as the problem of political indoctrination that new "divisive concepts" laws are ostensibly meant to solve exists at all, the cure may be worse than the disease.