• "Father Knows Best": Anti-LGBTQ Legislation and the Patriarchy

    by Judith Levine

    The elision of children’s interests and parents’ rights is not just bad grammar, however. It is an expression of conservative “pro-family” ideology, which posits the family as an indivisible unit where everyone’s interests are unanimous.

  • The Lesson from Republicans' Embrace of "Classical Education"

    Calls for "transparency" in curriculum are working hand in hand with an agenda to divert public school funding to charter schools using a curriculum steeped in Christian nationalism. But liberals would do well to heed the connection these plans draw between education and citizenship, and parents' desire to connect them more firmly.

  • Antiabortion Movement Gunning for Contraceptive Rights, Too

    by Anya Jabour

    A century ago, sex researcher Katharine Bement Davis was silenced because she fought to redefine women's sexuality and contraceptive use as normal and fight for its decriminalization. The right today wants to undo her legacy through the courts.

  • Why Have No Evangelical Christians Served on Supreme Court?

    Evangelicals are arguably the most politically engaged religious group in America, with strong views on issues before the court. Yet Ketanji Brown Jackson could become the first nondenominational Protestant to sit on the highest court. 

  • Florida's Law Restricting LGBTQ Discussion Will Harm All Children

    by Marie-Amélie George

    The long history of bills restricting discussion of LGBTQ issues shows that these bills reinforce stigma and marginalize queer students and contribute to homophobic rhetoric and violence outside the school walls. 

  • The Conservative and the Murderer

    Sarah Weinman's book on the friendship between William F. Buckley and convicted murderer Edgar Smith reveals uncomfortable truths about the balance of principle and self-interest in modern conservatism and the persistent tolerance of violence against women. 

  • The Conservatives on the Court Don't Seem too Concerned about SCOTUS's Legitimacy

    by Mary Ziegler

    The belief that Supreme Court justices will moderate their decisions to avoid the image of an unelected group of partisan ideologues usurping the power of the elected branches of the government seems increasingly rooted in outdated norms and institutional arrangements that no longer apply. 

  • The "Dead Hand" on the Supreme Court

    by Ronald Brownstein

    The Supreme Court's conservative majority has been nominated by presidents and confirmed by senators who represent rural, white, Christian conservatives in an increasingly diverse country. Court historian Jeff Shesol says this dynamic has threatened the court's legitimacy in the past. 

  • How Charlie Kirk's "America First" School Chain Plan Collapsed

    An Arizona company thought it could rake in $40 million a year in revenues by operating schools promoted by the conservative agitator, but withdrew as experts warned of ideological influence and the possibility the venture was a cash-in on a hot culture war issue.